Maintaining Good Air Quality in a Rental Property

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When you’re showing your rental property to a potential tenant, you don’t want the visitors to refer to your space as “stuffy”. This is actually code for poor air quality, and it ranks high on the list of reasons that your rental property might sit empty longer than other locations. There are many reasons why a tenant ranks air quality as essential in a rental property, from health issues to common allergies.

7 Common Types of Air Filters

One way to improve air quality is the type of air filter you use in your rental property. In the past, you may have stopped by the local big box store and bought the cheapest air filter. However, it may not be the best. Here’s a look at the most common types of air filters:

Fiberglass Air Filter

A fiberglass air filter is disposable and the least expensive; however, it’s designed to only keep debris and dirt from entering your HVAC system. It doesn’t help improve the air quality in your rental. 

UV Filter

A UV air filter isn’t going to do a good job of eliminating dust and allergens from your space, but it will combat microorganisms. Using ultraviolet lights, this air filter will remove bacteria and viruses from your rental property. 

Pleated Fibers

A pleated fiber air filter is typically made of polyester fabrics or cotton folds. The pleated structure of this air filter makes it effective at capturing dirt, debris, and allergens. The more pleats in the filter mean the better the filter is at capturing debris and other dust particles. 

HEPA Filters

Recommended by the United States Department of Energy, high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters is a champ at removing most of the pollutants in the air. The filter eliminates up to 99.97 percent of the pollutants in the air. 

Maintaining Good Air Quality in a Rental Property

Washable Air Filters

While the washable air filters are a big investment, they can save you money over the long run. Washable air filters should be cleaned on a schedule, and you need to factor in plenty of time for drying. You shouldn’t use these air filters when we because they can grow mold and bacteria and become a health hazard. 

Electrostatic Air Filters

As the name suggests, electrostatic air filters use a low electric charge to trap dust and airborne particles. Once trapped, the particles can’t return to your rental property. Some of these air filters are washable, while others aren’t. 

Activated Carbon Filters

Primarily used in air purifiers, activated carbon filters remove gas and unpleasant odors from a home or space. While these filters can help a space smell better, they require more frequent replacement than other types of filters. 

Benefits of Good Air Quality in a Rental Property

When it comes time to find tenants for your rental property, good air quality can be one of the big selling points. You’ll find that many renters are looking for good air quality due to family members or employees with breathing difficulties, such as asthma and COPD. 

Indoor pollutants can actually be two to five times higher than the outdoor variety. These pollutants can cause mold, and it can include odors trapped in your walls and carpets. Any rental property with an unpleasant smell or mold is going to lose value. So keep in mind; poor air quality can lower the value of your rental property because prospective buyers and tenants can see and smell the difference. 

Investing in good air quality in a rental property helps to raise its value. There are other benefits too, including: 

Charge Higher Rental Fees

When you can offer good air quality in your rental property, you can charge more in rent. You need to highlight the air quality in some way, however. You might mention the types of filters and air purification systems that you have in place. If there’s a local, state, or federal program that certifies air quality, you might consider going through the process of certifying with the program. 

Good air quality also goes hand-in-hand with overall cleanliness. Without pollutants, the walls appear lighter and the flooring seems cleaner. This neat and clean appearance helps sell a property at a higher rent point. 

Larger Tenant Pool

Some families or businesses have members or employees who have breathing difficulties. If your rental property isn’t advertising and maintaining good air quality, then they’re just skipping over your ad. Of course, you only need one person or company to rent your property, but a large pool of possible tenants makes it easier to find that one tenant.

A large pool of tenants can also create a buzz around your property. The more people that your space appeals to means the more people who are talking about it. When searching for the right renter, a large pool puts you at the advantage and lets you pick and choose the tenant. 


More and more, people and companies are looking for ways to show that they’re eco-friendly. Removing allergens and pollutants from the air helps your rental property present as more eco-friendly than a building that doesn’t have good air quality. 

Also, fewer pollutants and debris in the air helps the HVAC system run more efficiently. While the lower utility bills aren’t really a benefit for you as the landlord, it’s a great selling point to show that the property is more eco-friend than other spaces.


There are small changes that you can make to create a property with better air quality. These changes can improve the smell and appearance of the property. It also makes your rental property more appealing to a larger group of people. It shows that you value and take care of the property for the tenants. 

As a property management company, we can help you improve the air quality in your rental units, and then use the better air quality as a selling point to get you a better rental rate and quality tenants. At Nomadic Real Estate, we’re 100% committed to the success of your rental property, and we’re ready to work with you every step of the way. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

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