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If you’ve got multiple properties to worry about, then you know how difficult they can be to manage. The good news is, we’re here to help you. Here at Nomadic Real Estate, we make managing your property hassle free. 

As part of our service, we:

  • Care about your property. We’re enthusiastic about keeping your properties organized and want to partner with you to manage them smoothly. 
  • Digitize your documents. We help you efficiently organize your data and work with you to handle all the record-keeping.
  • Take photos. We want to market your properties to the best of our ability through beautiful photos. 

With Nomadic Real Estate, you know your Alexandria properties are in good hands. We get off to a smooth start and take the hassle out of managing your property.

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Step 1

Our expert team evaluates your property and the area it's situated in to find a monthly rate that's competitive to your area. Alexandria is a hot spot for renters, so we ensure that your rental fee is in line with the current market. Our team prioritizes successful management, just like you prioritize a successful investment.

Step 2

We leave you with a market-ready property, that's waiting to welcome in its first tenants. Our team goes through property inspections, sourcing and acquiring the best quotes for repairs and improvements, reading all warranties and insurances, and evaluating the utility structure to ensure your property is ready to hit the ground running. We leave you with a property that's ready for a successful move-in.

Step 3

Once we've done the initial grunt work, it's time to get your property decked out and ready for our professional photographers to come in. We create artistically crafted visual tours of your home that market your property across a variety of channels. Our team then runs meticulous background checks to find you the perfect tenant. And we don't stop there - we both draft and execute a lease for your new tenant.

Step 4

We don't stop once we find you a tenant. After they've moved in we're fully responsible for recurring maintenance, emergencies around the clock, and so much more! In Alexandria, you need to give a 24-hour notice before entering a property and we keep that in mind at every point. We keep you, the law, and your tenants happy 24/7!

Our Team of Property Managers Wastes No Time

Your time is valuable, and that’s why when you start working with us we get the ball rolling right away. After all, vacancies mean less money for you. Our goal is to fill your properties with good tenants so that you never have to worry about your investment. Our team works to market your properties in order to reduce vacancies. We also facilitate property showings for you, to help get future tenants in the door. Next, we obtain background and credit checks from potential tenants and draw up and implement leases on your behalf. With our thorough process, you know your business will thrive with Nomadic Real Estate.Not only will you reduce vacancies, but you’ll also ensure that you’re filling your properties with the best possible tenants through a company you trust.

What Alexandria homeowners are saying:

I’ve been trying to find a property management company I could trust for years and I finally stumbled across Nomadic. Jenna made sure that all the photos of my property were professional and that the floorplan looked great. Plus, she helped set up a virtual tour! Since then, I’ve had no worries about maintaining and managing the home I rent out. I can’t recommend these guys enough!

five star review
Peggy Mueller

This is the 2019 update of what I've been writing time and again: Nomadic is excellent, professional and efficient! Managing my property since 2013, Nomadic dealt with all situations with utmost care and efficacy. Be it time to find a new tenant, to fix an appliance or to prepare the property for a move in, Nomadic scores the highest. I'm fortunate to have Nomadic taking care of property, my life's savings. I count on Nomadic and it gives me peace of mind.

five star review
Eduardo Castro

We Keep Your Turnover Quick & Efficient

It’s impossible to avoid vacancies. However, with our experienced property managers at Nomadic Real Estate, you’ll be able to fill your empty properties quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to doing what you set out to do – make money.

Our team doesn’t stop there. Once we find the right tenant for your property, we conduct thorough move-in inspections. We also take photos to keep track of damage and oversee any approved and necessary repairs. Our team ensures that your tenants are satisfied; we provide personalized move-ins to make the experience a smooth transition from start to finish.

A quick and efficient turnover not only makes you money but increases tenant satisfaction and protects you from legal action. With these practices, Nomadic Real Estate ensures that everything is in good working order and keeps a record of the state of the property for efficient turnover the next time your property is vacant.

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Nomadic Real Estate Takes the Law Seriously

One of the most stressful parts of owning a rental property is trying to keep up with the changing laws. Well, with Nomadic Real Estate, the burden is lifted. Our team is thoroughly educated on federal, state, and local Alexandria property law. 

We ensure that you avoid legal issues and follow regulations such as complying with fair housing laws, returning security deposits in a timely fashion, and maintaining a safe and habitable home.

With Nomadic Real Estate, you never have to worry about costly mistakes. Our team is here to handle and mitigate any legal issues that could arise.

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Our Alexandria Team Is Serious About Every Detail

Here at Nomadic Real Estate, we know that the little things go a long way. Our services strive to go the extra mile, even in the day-to-day aspects of managing your property. We go above and beyond in every aspect of what we do.

We’re ready to get to work maintaining your property and giving your tenants the best experience possible. Give us a call and let us answer any questions you have about our award-winning property management services.

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