Beat that Summer Heat

June 15, 2017

By: Nomadic


Summer heat in the DC region is no joke! But with a little savvy planning, you can beat that summer heat and even save some money in the process. Check out our tips below.

  1. Become a fan of fans. Ceiling fans and other rotary fans help you feel cooler, and delay the need to crank up the AC. Additionally, using a fan in conjunction with your air conditioning helps the air circulate, also reducing the need to have the temperature set too low.
  2. Keep the shades down and the curtains drawn. No one likes to live in the dark, but you can keep your apartment significantly cooler, especially while you’re out enjoying the sunshine.
  3. Program that thermostat. If your thermostat is programmable, set it to the highest comfortable temperature during the hours when you’re home. Then program it to allow a temperature increase when you’re away. If you come home to a hot apartment, don’t crank the AC all the way down to a crazy low temperature – lower temperatures don’t make it colder immediately, they just make it run longer. You might forget it’s set so low, and it can end up costing you.
  4. Change your filters. Check your lease to see if you’re responsible for changing the filters on your AC. Just like for heat in the winter, cleaner filters help the machinery operate at higher efficiency, which saves you money.
  5. Don’t let heat build up. Especially important during heatwaves, try to avoid heat-generating activities during the daylight hours. Wait until night to run your dryer or dishwasher. Take colder showers, or wait until evening. Avoid cooking, if you can, during the day and try something microwaveable instead (or cook on the grill outside, if that’s available to you.)
  6. Keep hydrated, and stock up on pops. Drinking ice water throughout the day can help you regulate your temperature and feel more comfortable in the heat. Especially with fans blowing, it’s easy not to realize how quickly you can get dehydrated. Make sure to drink lots of water during the summer. Also keep cool by stocking up on popsicles – the most fun way to beat the heat! There are plenty of popsicle molds out there, so you can have fun making your own, whether it’s healthier versions with low or no sugar, or crazy flavor combinations.

If you have any issues with your cooling system in your home, please make sure to reach out to your property manager so we can get it sorted for you right away. And don’t forget to also stock up on sunscreen!

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