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How Much $ Can You Earn?

Not only do you get paid when you refer a client, but every client you refer gets a great reward too. This is a win-win.

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Paid to you for every unit you refer
$ 1

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Where can you share your referral link?

Social Media

You can share your link to your followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and wherever else like. You can also share the link to private groups within these networks to reach a specific audience.

Neighborhood & HOA Listservs

Most neighborhoods in DC have listservs (email groups) for their residents. Most condo associations also have digital bulletins and listservs for their residents. These are great places to generate targeted traffic to your link!

Local Forums and Blogs

Are you a blogger? Do you regularly contribute to any forums about the DC Metro Area? If so, you can include your link in your writing and promote directly to your audience.

Networking Groups

Do you belong to any professional networking groups or industry organizations? If you do, this is a great way to share your link with people who may be in need of property management services.

Company Forums

If you work for a large corporation or governmental agency, there’s a great chance that many of your coworkers need a property manager. Corporate chat groups and email lists are an easy way to share Nomadic with your professional network.

Family and Friends

Do you know any landlords or investors in DC, Maryland, or Virginia? Chances are they need a property manager. Share your link with your personal network to introduce them to a trusted property management company.


Have questions? Please check below, and if you don't find what you're looking for, shoot us an email and we'll be happy to help.

Complete the form on this page to enroll. Once you enroll, you’ll instantly get a unique URL (a link to our website). Share your link as many times as you’d like, and every time someone uses your link to become a Nomadic client, you’ll receive credit for the referral and will be paid the $400 reward! If during any given month your link generates 5 or more referrals, you’ll also get paid a $1,000 bonus check in addition to the $400 reward for each client. That means if you land 5 referrals in a month, Nomadic will pay you $3,000! Not bad for just sharing a link! And the best part is you can share the link wherever and whenever you’d like. A single link shared in the right place can continue to generate passive income for you for a long time.

There is no limit on how much you can earn through our referral program! A single link shared in a great place will generate a lot of opportunities to generate referrals. Even before we made it as simple as sharing a link, some of our referral partners earned cash for dozens of referrals in a  year.

Look at it this way: even if your referral link only generates one referral per month, that’s an extra $4,800 in annual income for you. If you have a few good months where you land a couple referrals, you’ll be earning over $10,000 with very minimal effort, just for sharing a link with your network.

Be strategic about sharing your link! Find the best outlets for posting the link, and make sure to highlight the benefits of clicking your link–when a new client uses your referral link, they’ll get a 15% discount on their first leasing fee with Nomadic! Everyone wins: you get a cash rewards, Nomadic gains a new client, and the new client gets a big discount!

When you signup on this page, you’ll get your referral link which has a unique identifier. This is completely yours and is different from any other participant’s link. When someone clicks on your link and submits the contact form, our software recognizes that it was your link they clicked. Our software stores their contact information and tracks that they were referred by you. Once they become a client in our system, the software alerts us to pay you the referral reward when we collect the first month of rent for their property.

A successful referral is defined as any property owner you refer who signs a Property Management Agreement with Nomadic Real Estate for Leasing and Management services. Rewards for successful referrals will be paid out upon the collection of the first month’s rent for the referred client’s property.

We are not offering referral commissions for tenant/resident referrals at this time. This program is only valid for homeowner/landlord referrals. We may decide to expand our referral program to include tenant referrals in the future, so check back on this page for any updates, but for now the program is only valid toward referrals of rental property owners.

Referral rewards will be paid to you within 30 days of Nomadic collecting the first month’s rent on the referred client’s property. If the referred client already has tenants in place when they hire Nomadic, then your reward will be paid following the first rent collection cycle. If the referred client does not have tenants in place yet, and is utilizing our leasing services, then we will market their property and will pay you the reward within 30 days after new tenants have moved in.

Our software will automatically notify you via email once you’ve completed a successful referral. Nomadic will then alert you again once we’ve collected the first month of rent for your referred client’s property, and will ask you to confirm your mailing address. Within 30 days of collecting the first month of rent, we will mail you a check! If you are an existing Nomadic client, instead of receiving a check you will simply see a direct credit into your account.

You can share your link anywhere you want! We recommend sharing the link on social media, company forums/listservs, neighborhood blogs, community and professional organizations you belong to, and anywhere else you think would be a good fit. If you know of any family, friends, or coworkers who own a rental property in our service area, they’d also be a great opportunity to get a referral–you can share your link directly with your peers as well via email or SMS.

We will change our rewards with new types of offers periodically. If you see a reward you like, share your link quickly so you don’t miss out. If a reward changes after you’ve shared the link, and you earn the referral after the reward is changed, we will honor the original reward that was active when you first shared your link. 

All referral partners will receive email notifications any time we make changes to the reward structure, and we’ll notify you of any special incentives or limited offers we roll out in the future. You can also check on the active reward structure using the green referral icon at the bottom of your screen whenever you visit our website.

Once you submit the signup form on this page, you’ll see a green icon appear at the bottom of the screen. That icon will appear every time you visit any page on our website in the future. Click that icon to access your referral link, statistics, rewards, and more! If you are using a different browser than the one you signed up with originally, you’ll need to come back to this page and enter your email address into the signup form–it will ask you to verify your email, and you’ll regain access to your link immediately.

You can use the green icon at the bottom left of the screen (which will appear once you sign up for the program) anytime you visit our website to view how many referrals you’ve earned over time, how many more referrals are needed to hit your $1,000 bonus for the month, and other cool stats about the program.

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We’ve made it as easy as possible to earn money as a referral partner. Simply sign up instantly, share your link, and enjoy earning some awesome extra cash. 

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How do net distributions work?

Net distributions keep your accounting clean and simple. Each month we’ll collect rent from the tenants, deduct any repair expenses for the previous month and any management/leasing fees for the current month, and credit the remaining net operating income to your account. 

You’ll receive a statement via email each time a net distribution is processed, and can view all transaction details in your Propertyware owner portal.