renter's rights

The Ultimate Guide to Renter’s Rights in DC: Empower Your Renting Journey

Key Takeaways: Ever been swept up in the excitement of finding that perfect apartment, only to be stumped by a rental agreement as thick as a phone book? That’s when you realize renter’s rights are no small potatoes. Like David against Goliath, it might feel like you’re up against impossible odds. “What does this clause […]
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buying recreational land

Strategies for Buying Recreational Land: A Complete Guide

Essential Insights: Key Takeaways for Buying Recreational Land Investment Opportunity: Buying recreational land is not just about securing a personal retreat; it’s also an astute investment that can offer long-term financial gains, providing a tangible asset that appreciates over time without the immediate concerns of traditional property maintenance. Key Considerations: Before purchasing, it’s crucial to […]
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Withholding rent

Master Withholding Rent: Act Responsibly and Strategically

Key Takeaways: Have you ever found yourself staring at the ceiling of your rental unit, frustrated by a landlord who refuses to fix that pesky leak? Or perhaps you’ve had one too many cold showers because there’s no hot water again. In these moments, withholding rent can feel like the only power move left on […]
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how to be a successful real estate agent

Roadmap: How to Be a Successful Real Estate Agent Today

So you want to go into real estate and wonder how to be a successful real estate agent? Picture this: you’re on the open road, top-down, cruising towards success. Cruising down the highway, top-down, that’s what it feels like to be a successful real estate agent – total control and autonomy. You’re not alone if […]
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columbia md neighborhoods

Columbia MD Neighborhoods: The Ultimate Investor’s and Resident’s Guide

Are you thinking about finding one of the hidden gems in the Columbia MD neighborhoods? Imagine, if you will, a place where small-town charm meets urban convenience. A place with diverse architectural styles and green spaces aplenty. I remember my first visit to Columbia like it was yesterday – stepping foot into its planned cityscape, […]
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annapolis to dc commute

Annapolis to DC Commute: Your Essential Guide to a Stress-Free Journey

Ever found yourself at the crack of dawn, mug in hand, peering out your window at Annapolis’s quiet streets, dreading that upcoming Annapolis to DC commute?  Picture this: endless traffic snarls as red brake lights merge into a fiery serpent winding its way down Route 450. The dread grows with each tick-tock of the clock […]
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best places to live near fort meade

Exploring the Best Places to Live Near Fort Meade

Have you ever pondered the experience of living in Maryland’s core, not far from one of America’s largest armed forces bases? Picture this: quaint historic homes nestled alongside bustling shopping centers and top-tier schools. This isn’t just any place; we’re talking about the best places to live near Fort Meade. In an adventure that spans […]
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living in maryland

Living in Maryland: Your Vibrant Guide to the Old Line State

Ever wondered what it’s like living in Maryland? Picture the waft of seasoned blue crabs, a skyline stitched with sails and the echoes of history down cobblestone streets. It’s more than just a place on a map—it’s an experience. You’re driving across the iconic Bay Bridge; beneath you, the Chesapeake whispers tales of yesteryear while […]
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northern virginia housing market

Unveiling the Dynamics of the Northern Virginia Housing Market for 2024

Have you ever been lost in the labyrinth of real estate markets, especially when it comes to understanding the northern Virginia housing market? Imagine yourself as a sailor navigating through an ocean full of unpredictable currents and waves – that’s how complex this housing market can feel. This isn’t just any sea; it’s one filled […]
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Timeline for Moving

Mastering Your Move: A Comprehensive Timeline for Moving

Ever found yourself in the midst of a moving chaos, with moving boxes, bubble wrap, and tape everywhere? Maybe you started packing just days before the big move or perhaps failed to sort out your insurance coverage. Sounds familiar? This is what happens when there’s no clear-cut timeline for moving. Standing amid heaps of unidentifiable […]
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best places to live in northern virginia for young professionals

Top Thriving Havens: Best Places to Live in Northern Virginia for Young Professionals

Ever found yourself wondering about the best places to live in Northern Virginia for young professionals? You’re not alone. Like you, many are drawn by its perfect blend of history and modernity, a thriving job market, top-rated schools, and a lively cultural scene. Northern Virginia is more than just close proximity to Washington D.C. It’s […]
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Buying a house in Maryland

Buying a House in Maryland: Effortlessly Secure Your Dream Home

Crossing the threshold of my Maryland home for the first time was an exhilarating experience. The sweet aroma of Chesapeake Bay crabs wafting through your kitchen, a backyard overlooking autumnal hues – that’s not just a house. It’s what it’s like buying a house in Maryland. I remember my heart pounding as I signed on […]
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how to find phone numbers of property owners

How to Find Phone Numbers Of Property Owners: Complete Guide

Have you ever played a game of hide and seek where the other player doesn’t even know they’re playing? That’s what it feels like when trying to figure out how to find phone numbers of property owners. You have this fantastic real estate investment opportunity. You’ve found an off-market gem, but there’s one catch: The […]
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Fractional ownership beach homes for sale

Discover the Future: Fractional Ownership Beach Homes for Sale

Ever dreamed of owning a slice of paradise, but balked at the thought of maintenance and costs? That’s where fractional ownership of beach homes for sale comes in. Picture this: A sun-soaked patio overlooking turquoise waters, palm trees swaying gently in the breeze…all yours to enjoy without breaking the bank. You might be asking yourself, […]
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Colonial style homes

Colonial Style Homes: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Ever stopped in your tracks, awestruck by the regal charm of colonial style homes? Their symmetry, their timeless elegance. It’s like stepping into a historical romance novel. You might’ve admired them from afar but ever thought about owning one? Maybe you’re wondering what makes these homes so unique. This is no ordinary architectural design; it’s […]
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What is considered normal wear and tear in a rental?

What Is Considered Normal Wear and Tear in a Rental?

Have you ever wondered what is considered normal wear and tear in a rental? Imagine having lived in your rented apartment for an entire year, with freshly painted walls and shining hardwood floors that gave character to each room. You loved the fresh paint on the walls, how the hardwood floors shone under your feet […]
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Maryland waterfront homes for sale

Maryland Waterfront Homes for Sale: Your Ultimate Guide

Have you ever fantasized about owning a piece of property, right on the shoreline? Picture yourself on your private deck, a cup of coffee in hand, and the peaceful sound of waves lapping at your doorstep. With the Maryland waterfront homes for sale, that fantasy can become a reality. In this blog, we’ll tell you […]
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Amusement parks in Maryland

Exploring the Top 6 Adventure Parks in Maryland for Family Fun

Ever imagined stepping into a world where adrenaline-fueled rides, delightful games, and enchanting water parks are the norm? Where every turn unveils another thrilling adventure waiting to be discovered? Welcome to amusement parks in Maryland. This land of endless fun isn’t just for thrill-seekers. It’s a place where family memories are crafted amidst laughter-filled bumper […]
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Residential property management

Maximize Your Returns with Residential Property Management

Imagine a world where your real estate investments take care of themselves, from tenant selection to rent collection. A world with less stress and more returns on investment. That’s the promise of residential property management. But what does it really entail? Is it as rosy as painted or are there thorns along the way? In […]
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Landlord repair laws in DC, Maryland, and Virginia

Landlord Repair Laws in the DMV: Essential Guide for Tenants & Owners

Ever felt like you’re living in a rental unit that’s more of an obstacle course than a home? You dodge falling plaster, tiptoe around mold patches, and swat at persistent rodents. It seems the landlord repair laws are just words on paper for your landlord. I’ve been there too… A leaking ceiling above my bed […]
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Haunted places in DC

Haunted Places in DC to Explore This Spooky Season

Have you ever experienced a cold shiver as you strolled by an aged, dimly illuminated structure? Or sensed an eerie presence in the dead of night on a quiet street? That’s what it feels like to explore haunted places in DC. The nation’s capital isn’t just about politics and history. It has its share of […]
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property management responsibilities

Detailing Property Management Responsibilities and Best Practices

Ever feel like you’re juggling a dozen balls at once, only to realize they’re not just balls but flaming torches? Welcome to the world of property management responsibilities. This is no walk in the park. It’s more like a high-stakes obstacle course that keeps changing. We’ve all been there. Late-night maintenance calls, tenant complaints about noisy neighbors, and […]
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best neighborhoods in dc

Uncovering the Best Neighborhoods in DC: A Complete Guide

Have you ever wondered, “What are the best neighborhoods in DC?”. Whether it’s cobblestone charm or urban buzz that calls your name, we’ve got answers. You’re not alone if you picture a mosaic of unique neighborhoods when thinking about Washington D.C. From historic Georgetown to vibrant Dupont Circle and family-friendly Capitol Hill – every neighborhood […]
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average rent in dc

Decoding Average Rent in DC: A Guide to Rental Prices

Ever stood on the edge of a bustling city, looked up at towering apartment blocks, and wondered about the stories behind each window? What’s it like to live there? More importantly, what does it cost? Welcome to Washington DC – a city of power, history, and soaring living costs. If you’re curious about how much […]
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matterport services

Maximizing Real Estate Success with Matterport Services

Explore how Matterport services revolutionize real estate marketing, from preparing your home for a 3D scan to delivering stunning virtual walkthroughs.
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adams morgan neighborhood

Adams Morgan Neighborhood: A Cultural and Real Estate Guide

Explore the vibrant Adams Morgan neighborhood - its cultural diversity, nightlife, real estate trends, and community spaces in our comprehensive guide.
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old town alexandria

Old Town Alexandria: Historic Charm and Vibrant Attractions

Discover Old Town Alexandria's historic charm, vibrant museums, waterfront activities, and local breweries.
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capitol hill neighborhood

Capitol Hill Neighborhood DC: Charm, Culture & Cuisine

Explore the Capitol Hill Neighborhood: historic architecture, Eastern Market, iconic landmarks, U.S Botanic Garden & diverse cuisine in Washington D.C.
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A landlord finalizing an agreement with some tenants after learning how to negotiate rent

6 Things to Think About When Negotiating Rent With a Tenant

Finding tenants for your rental property can create stress, especially as you review applications and identify the right people to move into your home. Prospective renters could look to negotiate prices, too, adding another layer to the task. You don’t always have to engage in negotiations because there’s a good chance you’ll have plenty of […]
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A view of one of the best skylines in DC

5 Places to Visit to View the Best Skylines in DC

The best skylines in DC differ from most other major cities in the United States. It isn’t full of skyscrapers and other commercial buildings like New York City and Chicago, and it doesn’t have massive hotels accommodating thousands of guests like Miami. The D.C. skyline is historic and iconic, and you’ll want to check it […]
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Two women in a short-term rental asking, “How much can you make on Airbnb?”

Determining How Much You Can Make Renting Your Property on Airbnb

Investing in a rental property is a dream for many Americans because of the long-term benefits it provides. Finding tenants is vital in this process, as you’ll need to earn monthly rental income to make the investment worthwhile. Homeowners are increasingly making their rentals available to short-term tenants through platforms like Airbnb. The gist is […]
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A man filling out a form after learning the valid reasons to deny a rental application

7 Perfectly Legal Reasons You Can Deny a Rental Application in Washington, D.C.

Selecting tenants for your rental property can be stressful, as you’ll have to go through numerous applications, narrow your search to a few qualified candidates, and contact references before finally making your decision. You might also have to show the property multiple times and keep it spotless for prospective renters wanting to view it. This […]
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A sign with facts and myths regarding the question: Do you need a license to be a landlord?

Some Facts and Myths Surrounding D.C.’s Landlord Licensing Requirements

Purchasing a rental property can be a life-changing experience that provides immediate cash flow and a significant return on your investment in future years. Landlords have some obligations to meet, though, which will take some work.  You’ll have to worry about finding and vetting tenants along with maintaining and repairing the property after buying it, […]
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An eviction notice sent out after a landlord asked the question, how much does eviction cost?

How Much It Really Costs to Evict a Tenant

Landlords occasionally run into scenarios where they have no alternative but to evict a tenant. You never want it to reach this stage, but you have an investment to protect, and bringing in new renters is sometimes the only way to maximize your asset. Eviction typically becomes the only option when you have a problem […]
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Building materials and equipment contractors have on site as they start rehabbing a house in D.C.

Your Complete Guide to Rehabbing a House in the Metro D.C. Area

You might have to get creative to find value in the Washington, D.C., real estate market because prices remain relatively high. One option is purchasing a home requiring significant work and rehabbing the unit before making it available to renters.  Rehabbing a house involves buying a property needing repairs with the intention of renovating it. […]
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Investing in foreclosures, like this house with a foreclosure sign out front, can help you get started in the D.C. real estate market

7 Things to Keep in Mind When Investing in Foreclosures Around D.C.

Investing in real estate foreclosures could be an excellent option as you search for a rental property in Washington, D.C. It’s sometimes possible to find a foreclosure at a great price, especially if you’re willing to put some work into fixing it up. The gist is that a bank or government agency will sell a […]
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A landlord typing a proof of residency letter

How to Write a Proof of Residency Letter as a Landlord

Landlords are sometimes responsible for jobs that seemingly fall outside the normal scope of owning a rental property. One such duty is writing a proof of residency letter for a tenant who needs to provide this information to a third party.  A proof of residence letter is a simple document offering a factual statement that […]
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A worried landlord in front of a laptop in need of stress free property management

8 Tips for a Stress Free Property Management Experience

Owning a rental property is an outstanding investment for your future. Purchasing a house or apartment and having tenants pay off most of your mortgage while creating cash flow offers investors the best of both worlds, but it isn’t without stress. Investing in stocks and bonds means putting your money away and waiting for it […]
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Two people shaking hands as they finalize a deal after learning how to find good contractors

7 Tips For Finding Good Contractors for Your Investment Property

Owning a rental property takes a significant amount of work, as it gives you a second home to maintain and repair. There could be times when professional assistance becomes necessary, too, because some jobs will fall outside of your expertise.  Hiring a contractor is your best bet when you find yourself in this situation. Expert […]
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A landlord learning how to calculate gain on sale of rental property

How Much Money You’re Really Making When Selling Your Rental Property

All good things must come to an end, and there will probably come a day when you no longer wish to own a rental property. The process of selling the home is relatively straightforward, as you’ll contact a real estate broker to handle most of the work for you and wait for them to finalize […]
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A stressed insurance company executive at a laptop after a client learned how to scare an insurance adjuster

7 Tips For Dealing With Insurance Claims and Adjusters as a Landlord

Damage is an unfortunate reality for landlords, as there will be scenarios where a tenant leaves your property in poor condition. The expenses associated with major household repairs can be significant, but you’ll have insurance to offset the costs.  Landlords often visit a home after a tenant moves out to find damage to carpets, doors, […]
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Modern apartment complexes in Washington, D.C., on a sunny day

The Pros and Cons of Investing in an Apartment Complex

Multifamily properties can be highly lucrative if you can identify the right opportunity and get involved at a low enough price point. Investors willing to put the work in can create significant cash flows, and potentially generational wealth, by purchasing apartment complexes in coveted neighborhoods and marketing the properties to viable tenants. You’ll need to […]
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Person smoking in a unit where the landlord will have to learn how to prove a tenant is smoking in an apartment

6 Ways to Prove a Tenant Is Smoking in Your Apartment

Most landlords prohibit tenants from smoking inside their apartments or other rental properties. Cigarette smoke is dangerous to other residents in a multifamily building and could permanently damage the unit, so property owners are well within their rights to forbid this action. Some tenants refuse to follow the rules, though, creating issues for property owners. […]
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An investor learning how to wholesale houses without money and other real estate steps

Examining the Pros and Cons of Wholesaling Real Estate

There are plenty of ways for a motivated individual to make money in real estate. Purchasing an investment property and renting it to tenants can offer long-term profits and a payout when you decide to sell, and flipping houses after renovating them can be highly lucrative.  These are just a few of the options, though, […]
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An aerial view of Washington, D.C., which includes some of the best real estate investment markets

5 Can’t-Miss Spots to Buy a Rental Home in D.C.

Washington, D.C., is a highly desirable place to live, creating a robust rental market in many parts of the city. Investors will have to do their homework before purchasing a rental property, though, because it’s easier to find and keep tenants if you own in an in-demand area. The rental market can change from year […]
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Large orange apartment building in D.C., which requires landlords to learn some apartment essentials before renting

The Ultimate Apartment Essentials Checklist for a First-Time Landlord

Investing in your future by purchasing a rental property in the D.C. area can be highly lucrative. It also takes significant work, and ensuring you’re ready for the responsibility before you begin is essential.  Finding tenants and keeping them happy might sound simple on the surface, but you’ll have many underlying duties to complete before […]
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A landlord using QuickBooks online for rental properties while showing a home

7 Tips For Using QuickBooks as Your Rental Property Accounting Software

Purchasing an investment property is a noteworthy moment in your life, but significant work accompanies it. You’ll be responsible for maintaining the home, advertising vacancies, finding renters, and collecting rent. There are also accounting duties you’ll also have to consider. Many landlords use accounting software to make it easier to manage their finances after buying […]
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A gavel on a table beside a cutout of a house during a squatter’s rights hearing

Everything Landlords Should Know About Squatters Rights in Washington, D.C.

Landlords in D.C. have many things to worry about, as they’re responsible for finding tenants, maintaining properties, collecting rent, and dealing with any disturbances that arise throughout a tenancy. They could also find themselves with a squatter, unfortunately, which can be a challenging scenario to address. A squatter is an individual who takes up residence […]
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creative financing for real estate

The D.C. Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Creative Financing

What is Creative Financing? Creative financing for real estate is a non-traditional approach that real estate investors use to fund the purchase of a property. The aim is to create an agreement that works for both the buyer and the seller, and that’s outside of the typical lending requirements. Creative financing methods can help get […]
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A pie chart on a chalkboard illustrating how to calculate rental property cash flow

Your Guide to Cash Flow on a Rental Property

Purchasing a rental property and becoming a landlord is a dream for many and can be an excellent investment, but you’ll need to do your research before you begin. Determining your cash flow is one essential step because it shows you how much money you stand to make on your investment every month. Cash flow […]
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A tenant adjusting the thermostat after learning the apartment air conditioning laws in D.C.

Unique Heating and Air Conditioning Laws for Landlords in the D.C. Area

Landlords must understand their responsibilities regarding heating and air conditioning in the units they own. You don’t want your tenants going without a service they’re legally entitled to because you could face fines and other legal consequences for anything you overlook. Unique laws throughout the Washington, D.C., area outline your obligations to your renters as […]
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A real estate investing advisor mentors a new industry professional

Real Estate Mentors: A Helping Hand for Beginning Investors

If you’re not working with a mentor, you could be missing out. Here’s how to find one Key Takeaways: Real estate mentors can be helpful for beginner investors Mentors can offer perspective, insider knowledge, and connections Look for a mentor online, at local events, and through word of mouth Keep in mind qualities that matter […]
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A lease agreement and a key to a new home, possibly enclosed with a new landlord letter.

How to Write the Perfect Landlord Introduction Letter

Every landlord wants to make a good first impression and start the relationship on the right foot. It begins with an intro letter Key Takeaways: Objectives for sending a landlord intro letter include creating a beneficial landlord-tenant relationship Landlord intro letters also help ensure rent continues to be paid on time A new landlord letter […]
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A home with an overgrown yard, which is one factor to look for when figuring out how to find distressed property

7 Tips For Finding Distressed Properties for Sale in the D.C. Area

Investors searching for rental homes in the Greater D.C. region might look for distressed properties because of the value they can provide. Distressed properties are often attractive to investors because they’re undervalued, which could increase your profit margin both while you rent to tenants and when you ultimately sell. A distressed property is a home […]
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A couple sitting on a couch during a breach of the covenant of quiet enjoyment in their rental apartment

What Landlords Should Know About the Covenant of Quiet Enjoyment

Buying a rental property is one of the best investments you can make. This house, condo, or apartment can help you reach your retirement goals if you’re able to manage it effectively, but the process isn’t without its problems.  Perhaps the most challenging aspect of owning an investment property is dealing with tenants. Conflicts can […]
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A colorful, historic apartment community in Washington, D.C.

A D.C. Apartment Community Can Be A Great Investment: 4 Areas to Watch

These four neighborhoods in the D.C. area have great property acquisition potential Key Takeaways: Investors looking to invest in apartment communities see Washington, D.C., as a profitable opportunity Washington, D.C., is perpetually attractive to new residents who prefer renting Four promising areas are Trinidad, Adams Morgan, Woodridge, and Brookland Rent in Washington, D.C., is consistently […]
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A snowy neighborhood required to follow the snow removal laws D.C. has in place

A Look at the Snow Removal Laws D.C. and Other Areas Mandate

Dealing with snow is part of living in the Washington, D.C. area, and once the white stuff falls, you’ll inevitably have to remove it from your property. There are laws in place letting you know how long you have to shovel snow from the sidewalks in front of your home or business, and you could […]
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People reviewing illegal landlord actions before renting an apartment

8 Illegal Landlord Actions to Know Before You Rent

The laws in D.C. make it illegal for landlords to take these actions against their tenants Key Takeaways: Federal, state, and local laws exist to protect renters and landlords Many D.C. laws also affect landlords Landlords have to follow certain rules about security deposits, rent changes, and other disclosures  Breaking one of these laws can […]
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New apartments in McLean, Va.

Keen Investing: Apartments in McLean, Va.

Relocating or purchasing a rental property in McLean, Va., could be a lucrative investment in the current market. The community is home to some of the nation’s hottest zip codes, with government officials, diplomats, and members of Congress living there because of its suburban environment and proximity to Washington, D.C. McLean is home to some […]
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Landlord reviews good tenant qualities on a paper application and laptop with two potential renters

Good Tenant Qualities and How to Spot Them

The definitive guide on what makes a dream tenant and where to find them. Key Takeaways: Finding dependable tenants can be difficult for property managers What do landlords look for in applications? Here’s the answer Property management companies and word of mouth can help you find a reliable renter  Finding a dream tenant for your […]
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Two people hanging a light fixture to get ready to take real estate listing photos.

How to Make Your Rental Property Pop With Great Listing Photos

You don’t need expensive equipment and a college degree to take listing photos that get attention. Key Takeaways: Rental property listings don’t move without great pictures Expensive equipment and professional photographers aren’t always necessary  Use natural light, attractive props, and straightforward compositions to set up your shots Good listing photos are of the utmost importance […]
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A couple with their dog in a pet-friendly property in D.C.

How to Find Pet-Friendly Properties for Rent in Washington, D.C.

Searching for the ideal apartment can be challenging at the best of times, but having a pet adds a new dimension to the struggle. Many landlords in the D.C. area won’t consider renting to pet owners because it creates additional damage risks and could also disrupt neighbors. Even landlords who allow pets are under no […]
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A first-time landlord handing the keys over to a young couple.

7 Handy Tips for a First-Time Landlord

Purchasing a rental property is a long-term investment that can create a significant nest egg for retirement. It’s also more hands-on than other investment types because you’ll have to actively manage the home until you sell it.  The idea is that you’ll buy a second home, apartment, or condo and rent it out instead of […]
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Some apartments for sale in Washington, D.C.

Keen Investing – Apartments for Sale in Washington, D.C.

Buying a rental property in the nation’s capital could be highly lucrative in the current market. The city is growing, and new apartments in Washington, D.C., are popping up all over the place, providing more opportunities for motivated investors.  The real estate market is showing signs of slowing down, but the rental market remains strong, […]
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Man holding a house model near a pile of coins while thinking about rental property passive income

Examining Whether Rental Properties Count as Passive Income

Real estate investment is prevalent because the property should appreciate over time while building equity. The result is a steady passive income source that helps you build wealth throughout your working years and create a nest egg for retirement.  Your investment might not count as passive income, though, as it depends on a few factors, […]
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Rental apartments near NIH.

How to Find Housing Near NIH in Bethesda, MD

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, MD, is one of the world’s top medical research centers. Gaining employment or conducting research at NIH is a dream for many in the scientific and medical communities because of the facility’s resources, but housing remains a hurdle.  A significant issue is that some researchers only require […]
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A final eviction notice is sometimes necessary when dealing with professional renters.

The Problem with Professional Tenants and What You Can Do About Them

Purchasing an investment property is a major decision because it could set you up for retirement. This property could also become an additional preretirement income source that helps you reach your financial goals. Selecting the right renters is essential to the residential real estate investment process. Failing to secure renters who pay on time and […]
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some modern apartments in Rockville, Maryland

Keen Investing: A Look at Apartments in Rockville, Maryland

Your future could involve purchasing one of the apartments in Rockville, Maryland, currently on the market. This investment can put you on the right track toward setting yourself up for retirement or building a nest egg for later in adulthood. Rockville is a small city near Washington, D.C., that is popular with people who work […]
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Row of yellow, white, red, and blue townhouses with brick patio gardens in summer that depict possible rental properties.

Would Owning a Rental Home Be a Good Fit? The Self-Check List

Key takeaways: Why you should own a rental home in Washington, D.C. Six things to consider before purchasing a rental property Challenges you are likely to face while owning a rental home A rental income real estate property could be a single-family, multifamily, or commercial lease property. A property owner can increase the property’s worth […]
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a picture of money and an arrow pointing up depicting the effects of inflation

Is Real Estate a Good Investment during Inflation?

Key Takeaways: Inflation is making life more expensive Investing your money could help you avoid long-term detrimental effects You’ll want to select your investments carefully Real estate remains a solid investment Inflation is causing financial panic all over the world, and you might be wondering if real estate is a good investment in 2022. It’s […]
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Black mold buildup in the corner of an old house

3 Mold Issues That Can Disturb Your Residential Property Revenue

This article explores mold growth and how it can affect your property revenue. Things discussed here include the following: How to prevent mold in your residential property Three ways mold can affect the revenue of your property Common problems when dealing with mold Molds are fungi that produce multicellular filaments called hyphae. Mold can cover […]
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A prosperous and contented couple welcomes their financial counselor into their home. They are sitting in the living room discussing property management fees.

The Anatomy of Property Management Service Fees and What To Expect

Various fees come with hiring a property manager. These fees include: Fixed management fees Maintenance fees Initial setup fees Leasing vacant property fees Overseeing vacant property fees One way to make money is to invest. Real estate is one of the best ways to invest money since people will always need houses. On paper, it […]
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Some onions for sale at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market

Your Essential Guide to the Dupont Circle Farmers Market

Key Takeaways Dupont Circle is one of Washington, DC’s most desirable neighborhoods The community’s farmers market is renowned You’ll find over 50 vendors during peak season Renting a home in Dupont Circle is easier with Nomadic Real Estate This guide will explain everything you need to know about the Dupont Circle Farmers Market and its […]
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A photo of the Dupont Circle Fountain in the afternoon as people enjoy reading and relaxing around it.

Keen Investing: Apartments in Dupont Circle

Key Takeaways  Investing in Dupont Circle comes with many benefits, including the following: A welcoming community for people of diverse sexuality and gender identities International flair  An active art scene  Access to the Dupont Circle Fountain  Charles L’Enfant originally designed Dupont Circle to be a traffic circle, and in 1871 the U.S. Army Corps of […]
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an HOA contract containing HOA rules to learn and understand

Understanding HOA Rules in the City and State Law Hierarchy

Key Takeaways Homeowner association bylaws and rules sometimes contradict city and state laws Determining which laws take precedence is essential A hierarchy of laws exists that is worth learning State laws generally take precedence over HOA bylaws and regulations Every HOA community in the country has rules inhabitants should follow to minimize conflict between residents […]
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Rental Property and Taxes

6 Things you Need to Know: Rental Property and Taxes in Washington DC

Rental properties can be a fantastic source of passive income, but eventually, it may come time to sell your property. The listing and sale process is likely familiar to you, but how will you handle the taxes? Rental property taxes at the time of sale work differently than property taxes for standard residential properties. There […]
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lease termination letter

Master Lease Termination Letters: Essential Guide to Avoiding Costly Mistakes

When you’re dealing with a lease termination letter, it can feel like trying to navigate an emotional maze. But do you know your rights as a tenant or landlord when it comes to ending leases early? I’ve been there. The complex jargon of lease agreements, terms and conditions that feel as decipherable as hieroglyphics, and […]
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hoa board responsibilities

Understanding HOA Responsibilities as a Residential Rental Entrepreneur

These days, almost 80% of all U.S. residents live in an HOA community. As a homeowner and landlord, you might buy a home in an HOA neighborhood. If that happens, do you know what your HOA board responsibilities are? Below we discuss some of the specifics of owning and renting a home in an HOA neighborhood. […]
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rental rate

Determining Rental Value & Price of Your Properties – 7 Expert Tips

It might surprise you to learn that houses in the United States now cost over $350,000 on average. As a result, it’s become more difficult than ever before for first-time homebuyers to find a place of their own. Those who currently own property, though, will likely find that their home is worth exponentially more than […]
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Write Offs on Rental Properties

Landscaping and Tax Write-Offs for Rental Properties

Depending on how much money you’re bringing in from your rental properties, you could be looking at paying as much as 37 percent of your income to taxes each year. Understandably, you may want to reduce that tax burden as much as possible. When you’re looking for possible deductions, you may find yourself wondering, “Can […]
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Questions to Ask a Property Manager

8 Questions to Ask a Property Manager During an Interview

These days, there are around three hundred thousand property managers in the USA. With so many available, hiring a property manager becomes a process that demands you ask the right questions and assess them with wisdom. So, do you know how to choose a property manager in Washington DC among all those available? Below we […]
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Security Cameras on Residential Rental Properties

A Guide on Security Cameras & Surveillance on Residential Rental Properties

Did you know that security cameras can boost residential safety by 300%? Because this figure is so high, it’s important that you invest in rental surveillance equipment ASAP. Here, we’re going to discuss the ins and outs of security cameras on rental properties. Read on to learn how they can protect both yourself and your […]
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Landlords' Responsibilities

Landlords’ Responsibilities in Washington, D.C. (The Must Knows)

Across the country, landlord-tenant disputes have reached a crescendo after the end of the pandemic. In LA, for example, the LAPD had to respond to 279 such issues in only one month. While this is not Washington DC, you should be asking how you can ensure that you avoid such things with your properties. By […]
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How to File a Complaint Against a Property Management Company

Filing Complaints: A Property Management Go-To Guide

Over 80% of property managers think they communicate well with their renters, but fewer than 40% of residents agree. This shows that, if you have complaints about what a property manager is doing, you are neither alone nor should you hold your tongue. But, how do you go about presenting a concern to your property manager, or […]
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Putting Your House up for Rent

Putting Your House up for Rent in DC: A Step by Step Guide

Renters make up 58 percent of households in the District of Columbia, in part due to the large population of college students and political aides. If you own property in the area and have been thinking about putting your house up for rent, it’s important to know the process and follow it. Unlike in some […]
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residential real estate

Keen Investing: Chevy Chase MD Real Estate

Maryland is a fantastic place for investors who want to get in on one of our country’s hottest real estate residential markets. The D.C. metropolitan area is growing and thriving, and many of the neighborhoods in southern Maryland have become home to commuters working in the capital. One of the most popular and in-demand neighborhoods […]
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montgomery county md public schools

All About Montgomery County MD Public Schools

As most people prepare to buy a house, they consider what’s most important to them. What do they want in a home, number of bedrooms, a garage, big closets?  It’s no surprise that many homeowners also take the time to consider the school district of their future home. In fact, over a quarter of all […]
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apartments in bethesda md

Keen Investing: Apartments in Bethesda MD

Investing in real estate can be a great way to set up passive income streams or to move into a career where you can be your own boss. If you’re trying to get into investing, you might have your eye on Washington, D.C. But the capital can be expensive and somewhat unfriendly to landlords. Investing […]
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homes for sale in Montgomery county

Bordering DC: Homes For Sale Montgomery County MD

If you’re moving to the D.C. area, you might be intimidated by some of the house prices in the district itself. The median sale price of homes in D.C. is north of a million dollars, which may be somewhat out of your price range. The good news is that there are tons of suburbs in […]
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best restaurants in arlington, va

5 Best Restaurants in Arlington, VA

Food and restaurant experiences are as diverse in taste as people are. The Arlington, VA restaurant scene is one with an aesthetic for every food lover. Some might say Arlington is a hidden culinary gem. This city has a restaurant for every foodie, no matter your preferences. Looking for a new place to have dinner? […]
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condos for sale in arlington

Bordering DC: Where to Buy Homes in Arlington’s Sub-Neighborhoods

If you’re in the D.C. area and looking to buy a home, Arlington may be at the top of your list of desirable locations. The city is just across the Potomac from D.C. and offers excellent access to jobs, culture, and more. There are also some fantastic sub-neighborhoods of Arlington that can make any buyer feel […]
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apartments in ballston va

Keen Investing: Apartments in Ballston, VA

Did you know that landlords make an average of $73,000 off their investments each year? If you’re looking for a way to set up a passive income stream, investing in the real estate market can be a fantastic option. But the key to success is finding the right location to buy an investment property. Ballston, […]
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apartments in rosslyn va

Keen Investing: Apartments in Rosslyn, VA

If you’re looking at investing in the real estate market, you might have your eye on one of the suburbs around Washington, D.C. There are lots of jobs in D.C., and the culture there is growing, making it a great long-term investment. But buying in the capital itself can be expensive and may limit your […]
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Landover, MD

Landover, MD: What’s the Cost of living Outside DC in 2022?

If a move to the Washington, DC, area is in your future, you’ll find just about everything about living there to be more expensive than in other parts of the country. The cost of living drives many people out to various suburbs, but some of those can be just as expensive to call home. That […]
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Maryland Education

Maryland Education: All About Prince George’s County, MD Schools

26% of people say that the quality of the schools is one of the most significant factors when buying a home.  Schools matter even to empty nesters when they begin a home search. Making a large investment in a home also means you’ll be there for a while. You want to know they’ll get a […]
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Prince George's County, MD

All about Prince George’s County, MD Schools

When it comes to relocating, families with children have to consider several factors before making a final decision. While safety, cost of living, and employment opportunities are important, choosing a quality school system tops the list. Every parent wants their child to have a solid educational foundation to set them up for future success. If […]
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homes for sale in prince george's county md

Bordering DC: Where to Buy Homes in Prince George’s County MD

Life in Maryland is about more than just baseball and blue crabs. It’s also home to the Chesapeake Bay, our Nation’s Capital, and endless possibilities. Prince Geroge’s County, MD is quickly becoming one of the most hight-sought-after places to live in Maryland. Its close proximity to Washington D.C. makes it the ideal location for both professionals […]
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Hyattsville MD

Hyattsville MD Attractions and Obvious Reasons to Move

Hyattsville MD is currently sitting at over 18,000 residents, a number that is growing over time. These people know something you don’t: How great it is to live in the city. It is time for you to get up to speed on the joys of this beautiful region. This article will detail some of the […]
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Fairfax County community center

A Complete List of Fairfax County Community Centers

You don't have to look far to find a great Fairfax County community center. We list the best ones right here in this guide.
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fairfax county first time home buyer

All About Fairfax County’s First-Time Home Buyer Program

If you're a first time home buyer with low to moderate income, you'll want to know all about the Fairfax County Home Buyer's programs.
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breweries in Northern VA

The Best Breweries in Northern VA: Make Some Tasting Room

What are the best breweries in Northern VA, and which beers are the most popular? Read this guide to learn about distilleries, brew tours, and tastes.
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northern va housing market

2022’s Northern VA Housing Market Forecast

Last year’s housing market broke eleven major industry records, including lowest mortgage rates, lowest inventory, highest home prices, fastest sales, and more. Basement floor interest rates brought out the buyers in droves, and many sellers found themselves accepting offers thousands over listing price. As we move into the hot season for 2022, many people are […]
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Market Trends: Montgomery County Home Sales in 2022

If you’re moving to the D.C. area soon, you might want to start your house hunting in Montgomery County. This county is one of the wealthiest in the country and offers great access to quality schools, a thriving culture, excellent restaurants, and more. But your first step in the home-buying process should be to do some […]
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The Montgomery County First-Time Homebuyer Program

You’ve saved, you’ve planned, you’ve dreamed, and now you’re finally ready – it’s time to buy your own home! Buying your first home is incredibly exciting, but the process can also be daunting and expensive. You have to pay moving costs and closing costs, not to mention somehow scraping together a massive down payment. If […]
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Exploring the Round House Theatre National Capital New Play Festival

Washington D.C. is a diverse landmark full of historical significance and endless possibilities. Home to nearly 700,000 residents, there are plenty of things to see and do in and around DC. Whether you’re looking to move to DC or are visiting and exploring the area, you don’t want to miss out on the best local festivals, shows, […]
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DC Open Doors: Everything You Need To Know

Living in historic Washington, DC is an unparalleled experience. The heart of our nation’s government delivers an exciting mix of culture, history, and nature. With so much to offer, homes in the city can also come with a hefty price tag. The average listing in DC comes in at $600,000, over $280,000 more than the country’s […]
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Washington DC Neighborhood Map: Where to Buy In 2022

Washington DC is an area within the US that is rife with history and culture. Neighborhoods in Washington DC vary from up-and-coming to popular and expensive. Although it might seem overwhelming, it’s not as hard as you might think to find the best places to buy this year. We’ve compiled a guide about the best locations […]
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Washington, DC Housing Market: What to Know in 2022

Washington, D.C., is one of our nation’s fastest-growing and most thriving areas. Not only is it the home of our nation’s capital, but it has some of the most exciting facilities in the STEM world. The city offers rich cultural experiences, excellent schools, abundant job opportunities, and access to some of the most important parks […]
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buying a condo

What To Know About Buying a Condo in Washington, DC

Thanks to the pandemic, the DC real estate market is experiencing a major boom. And for the right buyer, it may just be the perfect time to jump into the market. Of course, there’s an art and a science to buying a condo, especially in Washington DC. After all, DC is the fourth most expensive city in the […]
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va loan first time homebuyers

All About the VA Loan for First Time Homebuyers in DC

First-time homebuyers made up 31% of those making home purchases in 2020. In a hot housing market, that means many US citizens were making the American dream come true.  Buying a home is not an easy process, but can be especially challenging during a competitive housing market. Not everyone can make that dream a reality without […]
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property management

How to Get Into Property Management

It’s no secret that real estate is one of the most effective ways to cultivate your net worth. In fact, there are few methods that are able to provide the same returns. More specifically, property management is one of the most effective ways to leverage real estate in this regard. So, what is property management? Let’s […]
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how to be a real estate agent

A Total Guide to Becoming a Real Estate Agent in Washington, DC

Under the right circumstances, becoming a real estate agent in Washington DC can be a highly lucrative endeavor. After you build enough of a presence in the local industry, you will be able to take advantage of a solid housing market that continues to grow at a fast pace. However, not everybody understands how to […]
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Best DC Suburbs

The 7 Best DC Suburbs to Own Rental Property

It is no secret that real estate markets across the entire country are hotter than ever before in recent years. This means that those who are looking to get involved in real estate should do so as soon they are able to. Washington DC, in particular, is a region with many suburbs worth owning rental property in. […]
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first time home buyer

In The Know: DC’s First Time Home Buyer Program

Buying your first house should be an exciting milestone in your life. As the capital of the nation, buying in Washington, DC means locating yourself right in the heart of things. In a place where so much history has been made. But the drawback is that can come with a pretty hefty price tag. The […]
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sublet vs sublease

5 Sublet Vs. Sublease Differences You Should Know

Sublet Vs. Sublease: What’s the Difference? The terms sublet and sublease are often used synonymously, but they have very different meanings. The gist is that a sublet occurs when you find a new renter for the property who will sign a new lease with the landlord, while a sublease occupies the space without signing a […]
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Dentist Operatory

How to Design a Dentist Operatory for Your Practice

7 Tips for Designing a Dentist Operatory     A dentist operatory is perhaps the most critical area inside the office. This room is where staff treat patients, making it vital to the overall functionality of the practice and its success in the marketplace.   Designing your dentist operatory with patient comfort in mind is […]
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modern medical clinic

7 Features Every Modern Medical Clinic Should Include

 Your Guide to Modern Medical Clinic Design   Having a modern medical clinic is a great way to attract new patients and make your existing patients comfortable. Creating the look you desire will take some careful planning, but it’ll be worth it in the end once you generate an entirely new experience for everyone who […]
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modified gross lease

Modified Gross Lease: An Explainer

Your Guide to Understanding a Modified Gross Lease Any lease you sign as you move your business into a new commercial property will be full of terms and conditions you’ll have to remember. It makes sense because landlords are trying to get the best deal possible for themselves, while your company wants a fair rate […]
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exercise equipment inside one of the best gyms in McLean, VA

10 of the Best Gyms in McLean, VA

Relocating to the Metro D.C. area is a significant adjustment because it’s a dense area that can be challenging for those who don’t know the region. You’ll find yourself searching for new service providers after you arrive, and learning about the best businesses in a particular category takes time.  Living in Northern Virginia can be […]
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the waterfalls at Great Falls Park, one of the best things to do in Potomac, MD

8 First-Class Things to Do in Potomac, MD

You’ll never find yourself short on things to do in Potomac MD, as the community is one of the most desirable places to live in the Metro D.C. area. The town is in Montgomery County, on the banks of the Potomac River, and provides access to plenty of outdoor activities despite sitting just 13 miles […]
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close-up of a commercial lease agreement with a pen, calculator, and glasses on the table

A Complete Guide to Your Commercial Lease Agreement

Your Commercial Lease Agreement: A Tenant’s Guide Businesses face enough uncertainty in today’s world, so savvy operators eliminate it whenever possible. Signing a lease agreement is one way to do that when renting a home or commercial property. This document outlines your rights and responsibilities as a tenant while providing legal protection against unforeseen circumstances, […]
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Brunch table with waffles, berries, sparkling mimosas, and other dishes you might find at brunch in McLean, VA

Our Guide to The Best Spots for Brunch in McLean, VA

McLean is a cultural hub of Virginia, but it’s also a key nerve center of Mid-Atlantic transportation. The constant traffic means many new faces passing through, and McLean aims to provide something delicious for them all. This midsize city is studded with awe-inspiring landscapes and outdoor spaces to provide many adventurous activities. Arts and culture […]
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Smiling family of mom, dad, brother, and sister, with dark curly hair outside in the sunshine, ready for some kids activities in Northern Virginia.

Exciting and Educational Kids Activities in Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia is a fantastic place to raise a family. It’s chock full of fun things for kids to do that keep the adults interested too. There is an activity or establishment to amaze and delight every child, from toddlers to teens.  The exceptional flora and fauna of Northern Virginia make it easy to please […]
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people kayaking in Northern Virginia in the Potomac River at sunset

8 of the Best Spots for Kayaking in Northern Virginia

Living in Northern Virginia puts you in one of the country’s most unique locations. The reason is that you’re only minutes from D.C., one of the most densely populated regions in the nation, while remaining close to some wonderful outdoor activities you can access any time you wish. Kayaking in Northern Virginia is particularly popular […]
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a woman and her dog in a tent in Shenandoah National Park, one of the best places for camping Northern Virginia

8 Amazing Ideas for Camping Northern Virginia

Camping is always a good time for the entire family, but your experience can vary based on the spot you choose. It might surprise you to learn that camping Northern Virginia offers some of the best sites in the country, given its proximity to Washington, D.C., but you’ll quickly see that the area has the […]
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the rocks and river in Great Falls National Park, one of the best things to do in Northern Virginia

8 Things to Do in Northern Virginia You Won’t Want to Miss

There are plenty of things to do in Northern Virginia after leasing a home, as the region features some of the country’s most historic sites. Its proximity to Washington, D.C., is one reason for that, but many activities go beyond history. The area has plenty of modern facilities that are also well worth exploring.  There’s […]
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Three girls enjoying a wine tasting on a sunny day at one of the best wineries in Northern Virginia.

Guide to the Best Wineries in Northern Virginia

Many people consider Virginia the birthplace of American wine, dating back to the first vines planted by early settlers in 1609. Several problems kept local vineyards from flourishing, such as unstable vines, pests, revolutions, wars, and prohibition.  Virginia persevered, however, and a lot has changed in 400 years. The grapes grown in the area now […]
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Maryland Welcomes You” road sign, which you might see on your way to brunch in Potomac.

8 Spots to Try for Brunch in Potomac, Maryland

Potomac’s cozy, suburban atmosphere lends itself to easy living. The city park system is extensive and includes everything required to keep the whole family healthy and active, including myriad trails, playgrounds, sports facilities, and water activities. The Potomac River close by makes it even easier to spend long, lazy afternoons enjoying the view.  Seafood lovers […]
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Skyline view shows homes and restaurants in Potomac along the riverfront under the twinkling night sky.

7 Can’t-Miss Restaurants in Potomac, Maryland

Potomac, Maryland, is named after the mighty Potomac River that flows nearby. Single-family homes with expansive lawns fill most of this suburban town, unlike many cities neighboring Washington, D.C., where the mixture of commercial and residential properties is closer to equal, making it an oasis of peace and privacy for its residents. Potomac is a […]
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the national museum of natural history, one of the great museums in Washington, D.C.

8 Outstanding Museums in Washington, D.C., You Need to Visit

The museums in Washington, D.C., are among the most renowned globally, as a great deal of American history makes its permanent home in the city. You’d be hard-pressed to find another location in North America that matches D.C.’s pure volume of recognizable museums, and wandering the downtown D.C. area takes you to several of them.  […]
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Friends and family enjoying a meal around a table at one of the best restaurants in Alexandria, VA.

7 Best Restaurants in Alexandria, VA

Dining out is a great way to destress, catch up with loved ones, or have a productive business meeting, and in Alexandria, VA, you’ll find excellent restaurants for any dining objective. With interesting atmospheres, friendly service, and a wide range of cuisines, Alexandria has some of the best restaurants in the state. It’s all too […]
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A chicken sandwich plate sits on an outdoor table overlooking the nation’s capital, just one of many options for brunch in D.C.

5 Brunch Spots in D.C. You Won’t Be Able to Wait Until Sunday to Visit

Washington, D.C., has been our nation’s capital since 1790 and, as such, has hosted a lot of important people and developed an eclectic array of eateries to please every palate. The wealth of landmarks and attractions is another area perk that makes living here an incredible experience.  The abundance of activity and excitement make brunch […]
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friends enjoying some drinks and a night out at one of the bars in Hyattsville

8 Bars You Have to Visit in Hyattsville, MD

Hyattsville, Maryland, is within easy driving distance of downtown D.C., providing its residents access to all the city’s amenities. It’s sometimes nice to have a night out close to home, though, and the bars in Hyattsville, while limited in number, provide some enticing options for most residents.  The city of Hyattsville is an excellent choice […]
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children running and playing at one of the parks in Hyattsville, MD

Parks in Hyattsville That Locals Love

There are plenty of parks in Hyattsville, MD, that provide an opportunity to get out and enjoy the weather or spend some time as a family. Pretty much every neighborhood in the city has at least one grassy area with a playground, so no matter where in the city you reside, there’s a park nearby. […]
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A chef prepares a gourmet meal at one of the many excellent Hyattsville restaurants.

8 Awesome Hyattsville Restaurants to Try

Hyattsville is a small city with about 17,000 residents that’s within commuting distance of Washington, D.C., and Baltimore. Working a long day in the city can be exhausting, and Hyattsville residents often treat themselves to a delicious meal at a location that’s close to home following their commute. These tasty meals are readily available because […]
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A sign in the town center directs people to some Rockville restaurants to try.

10 Restaurants You Won’t Want to Miss in Rockville, Md.

Rockville, Maryland, might surprise you. This small city is not only a great place to live, it has one of the Metro D.C. area’s liveliest shopping and dining scenes. There are dozens of outstanding Rockville restaurants from which to choose, ensuring you can find a great meal whenever you head out. Many of Rockville’s restaurants […]
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A table full of colorful food on white and wooden dishes with glasses of water, an example of the delicious fare available at restaurants in Alexandria, VA.

8 Delicious Restaurants in Alexandria, VA, That You Don’t Want to Miss

Dining out is always fun, but it’s a special treat in Alexandria, VA. It’s the home of the famous Beachcombers Restaurant, which opened in 1946 to offer diners a great dining experience overlooking the Potomac River. Beachcombers is gone, but many terrific restaurants of every type have filled the void.  Historic Alexandria is perfect for […]
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White notebook paper with black ink pen and words occupancy certificate (OC) in bold typeface, signifying a certificate of occupancy in D.C.

What You Need to Know About Certificates of Occupancy in D.C. Before You Invest

Buying and selling real estate involves a lot of red tape and a profusion of documents to complete. Your real estate professional will make sure you get everything accomplished for a successful merger, but there is one thing you don’t want to overlook: the certificate of occupancy (C of O). It’s a document that can […]
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A neighborhood of multiunit residential properties in the D.C. area, where the housing market forecast shows a seller’s market.

The Inside Scoop on D.C. Metro’s 2021 Housing Market Trends

Washington, D.C., like the rest of the country, is entering a transitional period in 2021, and many hope that will extend to the housing market. Demand could start to outpace supply in the area, driving up prices and creating a highly competitive marketplace. That means those looking to buy or sell a home should learn […]
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Wooden Kitchen view

6 Rental Property Maintenance Tips Landlords Should Know

Buying a rental property is a significant investment that can provide an excellent return. The idea is that your renters will pay off large chunks of your mortgage, leaving you with equity.  Your investment will take some work, however, because rental property maintenance will cost you in terms of time and money over the years […]
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A woman’s hands are writing a tenant welcome letter before new renters move into her home.

Your Guide to Creating the Perfect Tenant Welcome Letter

Moving new tenants into your rental property can take a lot of work, as there are various steps you must consider before finalizing the agreement. You’ll start by identifying potential tenants and determining move-in dates, and communication with your renters is vital throughout the process.  One way to pass essential information along is through a […]
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Parkland alongside Potomac River is among the best parks in McLean, Virginia

Explore These 7 Enchanting Parks in McLean Virginia

More than 390 parks cover 23,000 acres in Fairfax County, so there’s no shortage of places to hike, camp, bike, shoot skeet, or learn about America’s history. This guide will walk you through the seven most exciting parks to explore in McLean, Virginia. The Best Parks in McLean, VA Great Falls Park The Potomac River […]
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A young woman wearing an apron opens a restaurant near McLean, VA

A Guide to the Best Restaurants Near McLean, Virginia

Dining out is a special occasion, whether it’s a quick bite or a formal meal. The only requirements are a pleasant atmosphere, a freshly prepared dish, and maybe a tasty beverage. Dining alone or with friends and loved ones is an easy way to relax and feel connected to the world around you.  The restaurants […]
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bartender pouring pint of beer at one of the best bars in McLean, VA

The 7 Best Bars in McLean, VA

Living in McLean or anywhere else in Northern Virginia puts you minutes from the action of D.C. while allowing you to spend much of your time in a community with less tourist traffic. There will inevitably be nights when you would rather avoid the crowds in the District and stay closer to home. McLean has […]
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People dining on the patio of a downtown Washington, D.C., restaurant on a nice day.

Where to Eat in Washington, D.C. — 10 Great Places to Check Out

Washington, D.C., is renowned not only for its many historical landmarks but also for its restaurants. Dining in the nation’s capital can be quite the experience, with an array of domestic and international cuisines at your fingertips. The dining scene in the District is eclectic and diverse, offering everything from Thai to tapas in both […]
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landlord sitting at a desk checking a smartphone with Venmo for a rent payment and writing down the results

The Pros and Cons of Allowing Tenants to Use Venmo For Rent

Modern landlords have to keep an open mind, because tenants have ever-changing needs. Renters in the past would make monthly payments via check or cash, but the availability of online processing systems is forcing property owners to stay up to date on these alternative options. Digital wallet and mobile payment service Venmo allows users to […]
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A hand holds an envelope with an overdue notice with keys, which probably incurred a late fee for rent.

Charging Late Fees for Rent: What Landlords Need to Know

Property owners know that sometimes a tenant is late with their monthly rent payment. Some of us may have been guilty of a late payment or two as a current or former tenant, but as a landlord you understand how this hurts business. Landlords have bills to pay, after all, and those bills may depend […]
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Apartment for rent sign in the front yard of a residential building, illustrating the occasional need for landlord rental concessions.

A Landlord’s Guide to Granting Rental Concessions

Finding tenants to move into a property isn’t always easy, as there could be lulls depending on location, the time of year, or the rental price. Some landlords will provide incentives to possible renters rather than have an apartment or home sit empty for a month or two while searching. These incentives often come in […]
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Tourists enjoy the lawn during a sunny day in front of the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall.

10 Free and Fun Things to Do in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., is a must-visit city for travelers both domestic and international. The nation’s capital offers so much to see and do, including historic sites, art and culture, a thriving culinary scene, parks, gardens, and more.  What visitors may not know, however, is that many of the best parts of D.C. can be experienced without […]
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view of bartholdi fountain, overlooking U.S. botanic garden for things to do with kids in washington d.c.

8 Fun Activities to Do With Kids in Washington, D.C.

Are you visiting Washington, D.C. for the first time or planning to make it your permanent home? Do you have kids? Any parent knows how important it is to keep their kids occupied if you do – and also how rewarding it is to find fun activities you can do together.  It is easy to […]
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Absentee landlord protects a property

5 Tips for Winning the Absentee Landlord Game

Owning residential real estate places a particular set of responsibilities onto a property owner, from determining the right rent price to managing multifamily homes. The fact that absentee landlords don’t live on their property (and often not even in the same area) doesn’t mean they should be any less available when issues arise, but “being […]
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red pin on a map of northeastern United States pointed at moving to D.C

What to Know if You’re Moving to D.C.

Washington, D.C. is at the heart of the nation’s political scene. It’s also a diverse, urban area that manages to combine the feel of a small town with the arts, culture, and activity of a major metropolitan area.  Whether you’re moving there for a job, school, family, or simply because you’re a fan of world-class […]
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The U.S. Capitol Building, one of the most famous landmarks in Washington, D.C.

Visiting Washington, D.C.? Here Are Some of the Many Must-See Landmarks

Washington, D.C., is not only our nation’s capital, it’s also a place that has made a lot of history over the years.  Residents and visitors alike can’t travel more than a few minutes without coming across important and historical places to visit, particularly in the downtown area. Washington’s most famous resident is the United States […]
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rental property deductions

Your Guide to Rental Property Deductions

Maintaining a rental property requires you to coordinate many different responsibilities, from maintenance and tenant management to paying property taxes. It also requires accurate record-keeping so that you can properly report all income and expenses on your tax return. Landlords have unique opportunities to claim property deductions on their taxes. Tax laws frequently change, including […]
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happy hours in bethesda md closeup bar shot people toasting

The 8 Best Happy Hours in Bethesda, MD

There’s nothing like a festive happy hour to brighten your mood after a long day. It’s nice to unwind after a day at the office with a few drinks and maybe a bite to eat. Happy hour deals are easy on your wallet, whether they’re at a cozy bar in the winter months or out […]
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an image that is split to show condo vs house

Condo vs. House: Which Properties Are Easier to Manage?

There’s a reason why the property management industry is expected to be worth $22 billion by 2023. Investors can make a lot of money by purchasing properties and managing them for tenants. However, this type of business isn’t always easy. Some properties can be lucrative, but cost a lot to maintain. Others are easy to manage […]
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landlord thermostat being controlled by a smart phone

The Pros and Cons of Using a Landlord Thermostat

Upgraded technology, like a landlord thermostat, can help a landlord efficiently manage their rental properties. A landlord thermostat may assist in creating a more environmentally friendly unit that can keep up with rising utility costs and the demand for energy efficiency from states and renters. A modern device like this can help a landlord save […]
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young couple looking at new appliances for rental property

Why You Should Only Buy the Best Appliances for Rental Properties

It is not unusual for property owners to install new appliances or update their current ones from time-to-time. Adding new appliances for rental property, such as a dishwasher or washer and dryer, can add value. Likewise, updating your current appliances to higher-end models can attract more lucrative tenants and allow you to charge more rent.  […]
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Bazaar Event in Bethesda M.D.

A Quick Guide to Living in Bethesda, M.D. and What Makes It So Great

Bethesda, Maryland, was named one of the best places to live in 2018 by Money magazine, and it’s not hard to see why! It’s packed with culture, nightlife, shopping, and outdoor activities. Living in Bethesda, MD, brings residents many benefits and opportunities for enrichment, while providing easy access to the region’s most bustling urban areas.  […]
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furniture in a micro apartment

Living in a Micro Apartment: Understanding the Pros and Cons

You’ve heard the buzz about tiny houses, but now everyone is raving about micro apartments. That’s right! These are tiny apartments about the size of a garage.  If you’re wondering about the square footage, you’ll find that a micro apartment can range anywhere between 100 to 400 square feet. They have enough space for a small private […]
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4 Reasons to Create an LLC for Rental Property

You already have a lot on your plate as a property owner, especially if you own several rentals. From maintenance to tenant applications, these properties can take a lot of time and energy. On top of that, tenant disputes regarding rental property can and do happen. This is one of the biggest reasons that property […]
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landlord fulfilling his landlord obligations

What Are Landlord Obligations?

In 2018, Washington DC’s population surpassed 700,000 residents and is projected to reach one million in just a few short decades. What does this growth mean for anyone who is interested in investing in DC real estate?  With strong population growth comes an unending demand for housing. In fact, well over half of DC’s privately […]
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pizza from one of the restaurants in falls church va

10 Must-Visit Restaurants in Falls Church, VA

The Falls Church area is full of a lot of great things to do, from hiking trails and indoor recreational activities to a booming culinary scene. With many hotspots to choose from, the area is one of the nation’s best for enjoying fresh, local cuisine — no matter which specific food you are craving. Whether […]
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Toy house on top of a low home appraisal

What Can I Do About a Low Home Appraisal?

The right valuation of your property is critical at all stages of ownership, from the first day you walk through it to the day you finally sell it. A home appraisal can determine the purchase price you will pay, the value of the home as you rent it out, what you will pay if you […]
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a fir rent sign in front of a rental house

Your Must-Follow Guide for How to Determine Rent Price

Knowing how to determine rent price is critical for your property. Investing in income-producing real estate is only a benefit to your portfolio if you can get the right price for your property. Set that figure too high and you might not be able to retain tenants. Set it too low, and you may either […]
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Prorated rent on a calendar

Landlords Guide to Prorated Rent Lease Agreement

The average vacancy rate for rental properties in the US is 7%. Avoiding rental vacancy is a high priority for both small landlords and large landlords alike. What this means in practice is that if you don’t rent out a unit by the first of the month, you are motivated to rent out the unit as […]
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Daycares in Bethesda

5 Best Daycares in Bethesda, MD

Parents who work or need a part-time child care solution to get things done around the house know that finding the right daycare center is very important. They want to make sure the center has an appropriate focus on health and safety, as well as teachers and staff who are well-educated in early childhood education.  […]
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multi-family home duplex

A Landlord’s Guide to Managing Multi-Family Homes

According to IBISWorld, the average industry growth of property management from 2015 to 2020 was 2.7%—and its market size is $88 billion. If you’re thinking of getting into this industry, then you know how much money there is to be made. This is whether you’re renting out apartment buildings or multi-family homes. If you’re looking […]
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Picnic at one of the Parks in Bethesda, MD

6 Gorgeous Parks in Bethesda, MD

Whether you are into hiking, soaking up natural scenery, or getting in some playtime with your kids or furry friends, the beautiful parks in Bethesda have plenty to satisfy. Outdoor enthusiasts of all ages will love the variety in the area, each of which is perfect for all types of activities. No matter where you […]
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One of the movers in bethesda

4 Trusted Movers in Bethesda, MD

Moving to the Bethesda, Maryland area is exciting, but the process can be stressful as well — especially when you are looking for movers to help you relocate. A thriving community conveniently located near Washington, D.C., Bethesda is home to many fabulous businesses and attractions, a lively arts district, and lots of local restaurants, fun […]
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Farmer at one of the Farmers Markets in DC

5 Great Farmers Markets in D.C.

Washington, D.C. is known as a cultural hub with things to do on nearly every corner, but that can sometimes be overwhelming. You might not know where to start when trying to find the best spot to shop local artisans’ goods, for example, or when looking for the top farmers markets to check out.  Fortunately, […]
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Someone lifting in one of the gyms in Bethesda

5 Best Options for Gyms in Bethesda, MD

When it comes to places to live, Bethesda, MD, is a pretty cool option. A mere seven miles from Washington D.C., Bethesda has a reputation for being both beautiful and one of the more unique places in the area. A large number of the residents are members of the military, employed in the medical community, […]
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A set of stairs where the letters spell loan

FHA vs Conventional Loan: Everything You Need to Know

Are you looking to buy a house soon? Trying to figure out the different types of mortgages available? Overwhelming, isn’t it? Buying a house, whether to live in or as an investment property to rent out, can be a long process. Understanding the ins and outs of it will stretch the limits of anyone’s knowledge and […]
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Buy and hold real estate

Is Buy and Hold Real Estate Investing Right for You?

Knowing what you’re getting into when investing in real estate can make all the difference between truly lucrative opportunities and funds wasted. As a real estate investor, you must pay careful attention to the market, have a solid real estate investment strategy in place, and know what to expect from your investments. Does the buy […]
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People at restaurant in Bethesda

11 Things to Do in Bethesda, MD

Finding things to do in Bethesda, MD, is simple because there are so many options. Bethesda is a thriving community with a bustling arts and entertainment district, a number of favorite restaurants, and plenty of nightlife and shopping opportunities. In 2018, Money magazine put it on the list of best places to live in the […]
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Person writing retention on a window

The Ultimate Guide to Tenant Retention

Do you want to learn how you can succeed in the competitive rental market in Maryland and Virginia? If you want to go from surviving to thriving, you have to think about certain strategies.  It doesn’t matter if you know someone with dozens of successful rental properties or just one or two. There’s something that they […]
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landlord insurance policy depiction

3 Best Landlord Insurance Policies

You’ve already picked out the best property and moved in the best tenants, so why do you need to worry about purchasing the best landlord insurance? Serving as a landlord can be incredibly rewarding in terms of gaining a high return on your investment, and you get the satisfaction of knowing you are providing quality […]
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billy goat hiking trail in maryland

Everything You Need to Know about Hiking Near Rockville, MD

With more than 1,000 acres of park land meandering throughout and around its neighborhoods, there’s no shortage of hiking near Rockville, MD.  There’s a well-kept trail for every age, fitness, and experience level, too, whether you prefer asphalt walking trails or strenuous treks across steep terrain. This guide will help you decide how to get […]
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renting out a place to a friend in need

Renting Out a Room to a Friend? Here’s How to Do it Right

There are many reasons someone may consider renting out a room to a friend. The friend may be temporarily relocating for work or saving up to buy a condo or home. It could be as simple as you having the available space. After all, a bit of extra income is never a bad thing.  Renting […]
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7 Ways to Get from Rockville, MD to Washington, D.C.

It takes just 30 minutes to commute the 17.7 miles from Rockville, MD, to Washington, D.C. on a good day. Rockville is one of Maryland’s largest cities as well as a suburban transportation hub, playing host to both daily commuters and those seeking dining, sports and recreational activities in the D.C. metro area. Certain parts […]
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Guy calculating taxes on rental income

Taxes on Rental Income: Key Things to Know

Real estate investing opens up opportunities to diversify your income beyond what you could imagine. But just like personal income, real estate profits are subject to taxation. Taxes on rental income won’t have the same rules as personal income taxes. Take a look at this breakdown of how rental income taxes work.  Do I Owe Taxes on […]
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Chairs around a bon fire at a camp site

The 5 Best Camping Spots Near Rockville, MD

If you’ve never camped near Rockville, MD, you’re in for a treat. The state’s natural beauty abounds here, and the city boasts easy access to the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. A few must-know facts: Rockville is a wonderful community with a quaint town square, cultural and art events, and a seasonal ice rink. It is also […]
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skip tracing for landlords

What Is Skip Tracing? A Full Guide for Landlords

In the real estate business, landlords wear many hats.  As the owner of a property, landlords are in charge of a lot more than just demanding and collecting rent.  A good landlord is versatile and able to adapt and face the many challenges and roles the job calls for. Many times, landlords take on various roles, acting […]
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landlord smiling in her office

All the Reasons Why You Should Use a Landlord App

Did you know that there are almost 48.5 million rental units in the U.S.? Whether you own one single-family house or twenty multi-unit buildings, you know that maintaining a rental property is a ton of work. Luckily, the complicated task of keeping all of your rental information straight has gotten a lot easier with the appearance of many different […]
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Landlord giving keys about what a landlord cannot do

What a Landlord Cannot Do

Becoming a landlord can be a fun and profitable venture with lots of opportunities for investments and career growth. Many people who are interested in real estate decide to become landlords to diversify their investment portfolio, or simply to experience an adventure in the property sector. Still, there is more to being a landlord than […]
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two people discussing land contract

What is a Land Contract?

Many people get excited about buying or selling properties, whether to use them as primary residences, secondary homes, income opportunities, or business hubs. Unfortunately, it takes more than a handshake to transfer real estate ownership, and there are many different types of setups used to complete the process — like traditional mortgages or rent-to-own agreements.  […]
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bartender pouring drink

10 Best Falls Church Bars

Everyone knows that Falls Church, Virginia, is full of natural beauty, but nothing can compare to its bars when you are ready to hang out in a relaxed space and enjoy some delicious food and drinks. Whether you want to meet the locals, spend some time with friends and family, or just discover a few […]
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Personal References

Critical Rent Verification Questions To Ask A Renter’s Personal References

As a landlord, getting high-quality tenants into your rental homes is crucial to your income, the growth of your business, and keeping your residence in tip-top shape to maximize its value for years to come. The key to reaching these goals depends on you getting to know your potential tenants, however — and doing so […]
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Shot of a senior couple in a Great Falls hiking spots together out in the mountains

5 Best Great Falls Hiking Spots

Fall is here, and the crisp temperatures and mild afternoons make this the perfect time to get outside and go hiking in Great Falls, Virginia. A trek on one of the area’s many trails is the ideal way for those who want to social distance to spend a day — or even a few hours […]
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Person moving to rockville holding box

5 Things to Know When Moving to Rockville, MD

If you’re moving to Rockville, Maryland, you’ve got an exciting time ahead of you. You get all the fun of relocating to and exploring a new area, plus unbeatable views, great restaurants, and plenty of historical sites, hiking trails, and other fun things to do. You’ll be located a short drive from D.C. and an […]
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Friends having beers and pizza at one of the sports bars in Rockville Maryland.

5 Best Sports Bars in Rockville, MD

Ready to check out some of the best sports bars in Rockville, Maryland? The COVID-19 pandemic has deprived fans of events, gatherings, and an excuse to eat some good food for far too long. As competition ramps up again and restaurants take extra precautions to keep patrons safe, sports bars are the perfect place to […]
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Buying a Condo to Rent Out

4 Things to Consider When Buying a Condo to Rent Out

Deciding to invest in real estate is a big decision no matter which type of property you’re considering, but buying a condo involves nuances that are different from purchasing a single-family home. We’ve outlined a few things you should take into account before acquiring an income property in a condo complex. What Is an Income […]
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For rent sign in front of a house

Rental Application Process: A Guide for Landlords

Despite the fact that there are more people renting in America than ever before, finding a great tenant is no easy feat. From problematic neighbors to job hoppers, sometimes it can feel like it’s safer to have an empty property than the wrong tenant. If you’re new to being a landlord and haven’t got a property manager, the […]
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Birds eye view of neighborhood

2020 Guide to Real Estate Speculation

When it comes to investing, Real Estate is king. There is a good reason why 31% of investors chose real estate speculation as to their top pick of investment options in a recent Bankrate survey. According to Forbes, the housing market in 2020 is ripe with opportunity for the savvy investor. Because of high demand and a decrease in […]
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person hiking across river

Great Falls Park VA: Hiking Trails and Outdoor Activities

Located in Fairfax County, Northern VA, Great Falls is one of Virginia’s most beautiful and suburban communities. Its 25 square miles is home to beautiful wooded nature reserves, local businesses, makes for perfect suburbs of Washington, D.C. (Great Falls sits 14 miles northwest of DC), and is home to over 15,000 people. With so much […]
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Older woman in chair getting help from nurse

Accessibility Features in a Rental Property

Baby Boomers are quickly approaching retirement age, and with that change the United States is seeing a rise in the elderly population that will only continue for the next twenty years or more.  As a result, we are entering a time then when accessibility features may actually increase the value of your home.  Rising Demand […]
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Color palettes

Renovation Tips: Best Colors and Combos for a Rental Property

When thinking about renovating a rental property, it is important to establish a color scheme or palette to use as a guide when making your design selections. This will allow your home to look cohesive, professional, and overall extremely clean and attractive for advertising.  Your tenants will also love it when they move in! Renters […]
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What is Rental Property Depreciation?

What Is Rental Property Depreciation?

Rental property depreciation is critical in helping a property owner maintain profitability from a depreciating house. Learn more about that here.
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Caring For Hardwood Floors in a Rental Property

Caring For Hardwood Floors in a Rental Property

With the right planning and maintenance, you can protect your rental property's hardwood floors from damage. Learn more about maintaining your hardwood floors.
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Person doing move-out inspection on clipboard.

Guide: Move-Out Inspection

When a tenant moves out, it’s important to assess the condition of the property to ensure your residential real estate is ready for a new tenant. That’s why a move-out inspection is so important. The previous tenant should be held responsible for certain damages to the rental property. Without such an inspection, you could be […]
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Visiting a family member as a guest. When does a guest become a tenant.

When Does a Guest Become a Tenant? How to Write a Guest Policy

As a property manager, you carefully consider all of the potential tenants before signing a lease; you interview applicants, contact references, and screen financial qualifications. Unfortunately, when it comes to your tenants’ guests, renters don’t have the same level of oversight. This is why it’s important to establish rules and document a formal policy to […]
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Looking to renovate an apartment as a part of the Rehab portion of the BRRRR method.

BRRRR Method: Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat—How to Get it Right

The BRRRR method is a solid investment strategy. It’s a great way to build your real estate portfolio—as long as you understand what it is and how to use it to your advantage. It’s ideal for those who want to increase their cash flow with income-producing property, but may not have the cash available to […]
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House in a mouse trap, symbolizing rental scams.

How to Avoid Rental Scams

Did you know that American renters have lost millions of dollars due through house rental scams? Not only that, but the Washington D.C. area is one of the cities most vulnerable to these scams. If you’re a landlord, what can you do to protect yourself from scam tenants? Let’s look into the rental scams you should constantly […]
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Red For Rent Real Estate Sign in Front House.

Do I Need a Business License for a Rental Property?

Rental properties are an amazing business opportunity. They give landlords the option to boost their investment portfolio while keeping the control they want over these properties. However, what many property owners fail to recognize is that they are required to both register their properties and obtain specific business licensing for their rentals.  One aspect of […]
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picture of month to month lease

Landlords Ultimate Guide to Month to Month Leases

Are you a landlord thinking about making month to month leases available for your properties? For many renters, month to month leases can be a convenient way to rent an apartment before committing to a longer lease term. But, before you jump on the month to month lease train, it’s important to consider all of […]
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first and last months' rent

Guide to Collecting First and Last Months’ Rent

Collecting the first and last months’ rent from new tenants prior to giving them keys is a common practice among landlords nationwide. When executed correctly alongside a formal written agreement, collecting these fees means landlords and tenants have established legal and financial obligations to one another to help ensure a respectful relationship.  Although simple on […]
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Smart Investment: Residential Real Estate vs Stocks

Smart Investing: Residential Real Estate vs Stocks

Two of the highly popular investment options are residential real estate and stocks. Choose which one works better for your unique needs and goals.
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6 Ways to Find Investment Properties

6 Easy Ways to Find and Choose Investment Properties

Whether you're looking for your first rental property or fifth, you're always looking for a good deal. Here are six ways to find good investment properties.
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Person signing hold harmless agreement

Finished Landlord Guide to Writing Hold Harmless Agreements

Being a landlord, particularly one with a varied rental portfolio, can be tough to manage when it comes to legalities. Depending on the type of property, usages may be for many purposes. So how can you protect yourself from legal cases that are not your fault? A hold harmless agreement can be one way of […]
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Lady handing a couple keys

6 Questions to Ask Your Rental Property Management Services Team in Rockville, MD

Markets can fluctuate and tastes can change, but real estate is still a solid investment.  Renting out properties is a great way to make passive income and gives you assets to work with in case you ever find yourself in financial trouble. Managing a rental property or two on your own can be simple, but […]
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Maintaining Good Air Quality in a Rental Property

Maintaining Good Air Quality in a Rental Property

There are many reasons why a tenant ranks air quality as essential in a rental property, from health issues to common allergies. Here are a few ways to maintain good air quality.
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Real estate management team member with documents

13 Signs You Need to Hire a Real Estate Management Services Company in Great Falls, VA

There are more than 48 million rental properties across the country. That is a huge opportunity for income for the landlords of those properties, but between making sure you’re following local laws and dealing with unfriendly tenants — among other facets — managing rental properties isn’t always as easy as it seems like it should […]
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Signing a contract to a house they bought using the 2% Rule.

What is the 2% Rule in Real Estate Investing?

The average cost of a home in the United States in 2019 was $277,000. A quarter of a million-dollar investment to buy a home is out of the reach of much of the population. This gap between renting and owning creates a growing opportunity for property investors.  The 2% rule is not a rule in the traditional […]
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Agent explainging landlord and tenant act before handing over keys to tenants

Landlord’s Complete Guide: Landlord and Tenant Act

Buying and renting an investment property can be an excellent move for your long-term wealth. Owning property is one of the most effective ways to generate earnings in the United States, and that investment is even more profitable when you’re renting the space out to a tenant.  One thing to keep in mind, though, is […]
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How The Housing Choice Voucher Program Works In Washington, DC

How the Housing Choice Voucher Program Works in Washington, DC

How does the Housing Choice Voucher Program work in Washington D.C.? Learn more about the laws in place and how it can effect your property management.
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Tenant Screening Laws in Washington, DC

Tenant Screening Laws in Washington, D.C.

To screen tenants, DC landlords must follow a series of tenant screening laws that help protect tenants' privacy and their right to rent a quality home.
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DC Eviction Laws: What Do You Need to Know?

7 Important D.C. Eviction Laws

Both tenants and landlords need to be familiar with eviction laws in Washington, DC. Here's what you need to know.
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Security Deposit Laws in Washington, DC

6 Security Deposit Laws in Washington, D.C.

In order to ensure fairness to both tenants and landlords, Washington, DC has several specific laws that govern security deposits, how they work, and their eventual return.
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Fair Housing Laws In Washington, D.C. Are The Strongest In The Nation

Why the Fair Housing Laws in Washington, D.C. Are the Strongest in the Nation

Washington, D.C. residents enjoy some of the strongest tenant protections in the country. Learn more about the fair housing laws in Washington D.C.
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Writing A Friendly Rent Increase Letter

6 Things to Know Writing a Friendly Rent Increase Letter

One of the most difficult tasks for a landlord is notifying them that their rent is going to increase. Here is how to write a friendly rent increase letter.
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What Landlords Need to Know About Renting to College Students

6 Things Landlords Need to Know About Renting to College Students

Renting to college students offers a number of opportunities to you as a potential landlord. What do you really need to know about college students and their rental habits? Consider these potential factors.
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Spotting A Fake Landlord Reference

Spotting Fake Landlord References

There is a thriving economy for false references in the rental world. The following tips are tried and true ways to spot a fake reference.
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When Tenants Wants to Break Their Lease: A Guide to Early Termination for Landlords

Early Termination for Landlords (4 Things to Keep in Mind)

Many challenges can cause tenants to want to break their lease early. What do you do if one of your tenants wants early termination?
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Rental Property Summer Landscaping Tips

8 Easy Landscaping Tips for Your Rental Property

With the summer months fast creeping up, many landlords are turning their attention to landscaping. Try these tips to keep your properties looking their best this summer.
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Renters Insurance

How to Explain Renters Insurance to Tenants

Finding a dependable renter who pays their rent on time, takes care of the property, and gets along with other tenants is harder and harder to find these days. Especially after COVID-19 hit. Should a problem such as theft or water damage from a burst pipe occur, the last thing any landlord needs is an […]
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7 Ways to Lower your Mortgage Rate

7 Ways to Lower Your Mortgage Rate

Your mortgage is often lower than a rental payment which saves you money. Today we're here to discuss a few tips on how you can lower your mortgage rate.
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curb appeal

What is the ROI of improving curb appeal for a rental?

Owning a rental property can be incredibly lucrative and rewarding, and history has proven that investing in real estate is one of the most reliable ways to generate wealth over the long term.  However, the smallest details can make or break your investment.  If you make small, smart investments into your home before marketing to […]
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Rent Control in Washington, D.C.: What You Need To Know

Rent Control in Washington, D.C.: What You Need to Know

It's not cheap to rent an apartment in Washington, D.C., which is why rent control is important for potential tenants. Here is a look at the history and future of rent control in Washington, D.C.
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5 Steps to Getting a Washington DC Rental Property License

5 Steps to Getting a Washington DC Rental Property License

Getting into the rental business can be a great additional source of income, but you need a DC rental property license to get started. Read on to discover the 5 basic steps you need to take to get started.
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Mortgage loading real estate property

45 Real Estate Terms Every Property Investor Should Know

Real estate investing is one of the safest investments you can make, but there is a learning curve. You have to do your homework before you invest in your first property to limit your risk and maximize your profit margin.  Before you start looking for properties to invest in, there are some real estate terms you need […]
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How to Get the Best Mortgage Rate on Your Home in 2020

Getting the Best Mortgage Rate on Your Home in 2020

If you already own a home or you're looking to purchase one in 2020, we want you to understand mortgage rates and how to lock in the best one out there. Read on for a few tips we've prepared.
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Property Management Laws in Fairfax County, Va

Property Management Laws in Fairfax County, VA

Designing a property management plan that fits your financial goals is no easy task. Learn more here.
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REITS vs Owning Rental Property: Which One is Right For You?

For many people, investing in real estate is a smart financial decision. When you choose to monetize your real estate, you have the chance to make a sizeable income over a long period of time.  While many people agree that investing in income-producing real estate can be a very lucrative endeavor, they have a hard […]
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What to consider when buying a house

Home Buying Strategies in Washington DC: A Primer for Investors

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the homeownership rate at the end of 2019 was 65.1%. Despite how daunting it can feel, homeownership is possible for most Americans. It’s even possible to turn home-buying into a lucrative investment. It’s known that up to 90% of millionaires have made their money by investing in real estate […]
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A house key in the front door of a house on move-in day.

How to House Hack in the Nation’s Capital, Washington, DC

With the average home price of $626,911 in the District of Columbia (DC), you’re probably suffering from sticker shock. This area of the country has the second most expensive housing market with Hawaii as the only other state with a higher average home price. Even with a hefty down payment, the monthly mortgage bill probably prices you […]
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row houses in washington dc

Must-Know Legal Regulations for an English Basement in DC: Laws and Guidelines

Are you a DC property owner looking to earn a sizable rental income?  Due to the proportion of federal government employees, DC is a company town. Given its nature, the city attracts some high-earners looking for a place to stay.  DC is full of old large houses. Housing codes and zoning laws changed in 2016 and make it possible […]
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calculate dc rental yield

What’s a Good Rental Yield in Washington D.C.?

Washington D.C. has a perennially strong economy, great livability, a hot real estate market, several universities, and a huge workforce (the political class) that has a high turnover rate. All of those factors put together seem like they’d be a recipe for a great rental market, and it’s true, the District can be an incredibly […]
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The Investors' Guide to English Basements in Washington, D.C.

The Investors’ Guide to English Basements in Washington, D.C.

When space is at a premium and you don't have a lot of land to work with, one way you can expand a house is by building up or down. Let's explore what English basements are and how they affect a property's value.
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rowhouses in Wasington DC, airbnb house hacking concept

Airbnb House Hacking in Washington DC

Owning a home is an integral part of the American Dream. Unfortunately, it could turn into a nightmare once you start thinking about paying a mortgage. That’s where house hacking, in particular Airbnb house hacking, can come into play. Saving enough money for the down payment is tough enough. With the average amount of monthly mortgage […]
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passive income

Passive Income with Benefits: House Hacking

Can you buy a house and avoid paying the mortgage? Can you build equity without a formidable investment? You can, and it doesn’t have anything to do with magic. It’s called house hacking, and it is how millions of Americans generate passive income. You may have noticed the dual entrances as you stroll through alongside […]
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Innovation Center

Investing for the Future: The Innovation Center Station

Washington D.C. has long been a hotspot for real estate investors. Recognized as one of the top-10 most expensive cities to live in the U.S., it continues to see periods of sustained growth and buyer demand that show no sign of slowing down. It might be the nation’s capital, but D.C. is increasingly referred to as […]
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5 Essential Questions to Ask Before Investing in the Shady Grove Housing Market

The DC red line is home to some of the best real estate markets in the DMV, from DuPont Circle to Bethesda to Silver Spring.  But if you’re looking for affordable housing, look no further than Shady Grove.  You may have heard of it a few times from riding the train, but why is it […]
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Upper Georgia Avenue

Investing for the Future: Upper Georgia Avenue

While D.C. had a huge population boom in recent years, many have noticed that it’s slowed down. A major reason for this was the fact that there just wasn’t enough development for people who wanted to move in. Another was that it wasn’t clear whether or not the developments were going to increase in value. […]
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Manage Multiple Properties

11 Tips for How to Manage Multiple Properties With Ease

Real estate investments account for $9 billion of all of the investments made in the country every single year. One of the reasons this number is so big is that many people choose to manage multiple properties, multiplying the amount of money they can make in the industry. As you take your property investments to […]
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DC Investments: New Builds vs. the Fixer Upper

DC Investments: New Builds vs. the Fixer Upper

Congratulations! You’ve decided to invest in property in one of the fastest-growing markets in the country — Washington D.C. Hailed for its historic charm, close proximity to the bustling city life, and picturesque backdrop, families and singles alike are flocking to the area. And so are property investors. With so many historic buildings still in […]
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Buying a Rental Property

Buying a Rental Property in Washington DC: 13 Things to Know

Are you looking to make an investment with a proven ROI? Look no further than buying rental property in Washington D.C. Home to historical significance, a bustling city life, and picturesque backdrops, Washington D.C. is one of the premier areas to own an investment property. Whether you’re new to the world of property management or are […]
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Before Buying a Rental Property

11 Crucial Things To Know Before Buying a Rental Property

Generating a stream of passive income is one of the best ways to reach financial freedom. Real estate, in particular, is a reliable method to do so. Put simply, purchasing a rental property and then renting it out to tenants will often provide you with more than enough money to pay the property’s mortgage. But, […]
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Investing in Dupont Circle

6 Essential Questions to Ask Before Investing in Dupont Circle Properties

DuPont Circle is one of the neighborhoods that anchors the entire District of Columbia. When people think of DC, they think of the National Mall and the international, blended character of DuPont.  Exploring DuPont, you’ll find a chic menagerie of bistros, boutiques, bars, and museums (plus Embassy Row). It’s known as DC’s cosmopolitan center, the […]
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Reston, VA Real Estate

4 Things to Know Before Investing: Exploring Reston, VA Real Estate

Virginia is for lovers…of life, that is. And if you find yourself living and working in the V side of the DMV, there’s no better place to be than Fairfax County–especially Reston.  It’s a thriving suburb for DC commuters who want access to a big city while still keeping that small town, open community feeling. […]
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A house in northern virginia

The 2020 Northern Virginia Housing Market Forecast

Whether you’re looking to relocate to Northern Virginia, or you’re a first time home buyer, you’re going to want to know what the housing market for your area looks like. Buying a home is a huge investment, and because of this, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Knowing what the housing market forecast […]
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purple line metro

Will the Purple Line Metro Impact the DMV Housing Market?

If you live in the D.C. area, you may have heard rumors of a new Metro line being built. The Purple Line Metro is currently in progress, though it was halted by some nasty winter weather. But the project continues to move forward and should be ready for passengers in the coming years. Construction of […]
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Along the Yellow Line: Investing in the Best Neighborhoods

When you hear about people building wealth, you probably hear a lot about real estate investment. A lot of people who are more well-off invest in real estate, and it’s easy to see why. Real estate can be a great source of passive income if you manage it correctly.  If you’re looking at getting into […]
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The United States Capitol Building in Washington DC

The Best Home Investments Down the Red Line

Washington, DC is our nation’s capital, and it’s also a bustling part of the country with an endless array of fantastic neighborhoods to choose from and home investments to indulge in. If you live along the Red Line of the DC Metro, there is a total of 26 neighborhoods located along this route with lots […]
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dc green line

The DC Green Line: 6 Best Home Investments

If you’re looking to invest in DC real estate, look no further than the Metro’s Green Line. The Green Line has 21 different stations in Washington DC and Prince George’s County, Maryland. It extends from Branch Ave to Greenbelt and is one of the fastest-growing areas for new households. Since 2010, almost 50% of DC’s […]
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real estate investing

Real Estate Investing For Beginners

According to data, real estate flipping reached a 9 year high in 2019. However, the analysis also shows that returns are shrinking.  What does this mean for real estate investing for beginners, and is it still feasible to enter the market? In short, yes it can be very feasible. However, you need to make informed decisions.  Otherwise, […]
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housing market trends

The Inside Scoop on DC Metro: Housing Market Trends in 2020

With the turn of the new year and the new decade, many of us are taking a fresh look at our lives and what we want out of them. Are we really happy in our jobs or our homes? Maybe it’s time to move to a new place, get a new job, and get a […]
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generate passive income through real estate

How to Generate Passive Income in The DMV with Income Producing Assets

Raise your hand if you’d like to be a millionaire. We’re betting every single person reading this has their hand up right now, because who wouldn’t want to be rich? But if you really want to be a millionaire, you’re going to have to find new, creative ways to boost your income. Some studies have […]
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silver line phase two

Why Invest in Real Estate Along the Silver Line

Washington DC is one of the 10th most expensive cities to live in in the US, coming in 5th place behind New York, San Francisco, Honolulu and Boston, MA. In fact, residential real estate prices in Washington DC overall have increased by 30% since 2000, with nothing to suggest that prices are going into decline in the foreseeable […]
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dc orange line

The DC Metropolitan Area Orange Line Investments

Living and working in the area of Washington, D.C. can get expensive, but the quality of life makes it worthwhile. As a property investor, you may be interested in expanding your assets in the DC orange line area. You’re not alone in valuing the ownership of real estate as a financial asset. In 2019 alone, […]
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Spring Property Management

Finding the Top Silver Spring Property Management Service

As a responsible investor, you’ve decided to make some moves in the real estate market. In particular, you’re interested in the Washington, D.C. area. You want to hire a property management company to handle your rental units for you.  Well, it’s fortunate you came to this article. It’s everything about finding and hiring a reliable […]
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The Future of Real Estate in Crystal City

Amazon has recently signed three Crystal City leases totaling 537,000 square feet. New development in the DC suburb has got locals wondering how Amazon HQ2 Crystal City will affect the housing market. While it is a little early to speculate, the past has given us some excellent predictors of what to expect in the future. Here’s […]
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15 Critical Interview Questions For Property Management Companies

Do you own residential real estate investments? As a responsible property owner and real estate investor, your top priority is the bottom line. You want to ensure that the real estate you’ve invested in returns the highest profits with the lowest amount of headaches. Which is why you want to ensure you hire a reputable […]
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10 best places to eat in bethesda

Top 10 Places to Eat in Downtown Bethesda

Feeling hungry? Lucky for you, Downtown Bethesda and the surrounding area are the premier destinations in Maryland for wining, dining, and other fun activities. The area is renowned for its wide selection of fine restaurants dishing up a versatile range of cuisine. From contemporary American to French or Latin American, there’s a cuisine available for everyone […]
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bethesda trolley trail

The Bethesda Trolley Trail: Everything You Need To Know

With a near 5 star review, the Bethesda Trolley Trail is a must-do for anyone in Bethesda who loves walking, jogging, or cycling. The availability of safe, pleasant, and convenient urban trails is, in fact, one of the top reasons to move to Bethesda! This is why, if you already are in the area, exploring the Bethesda Trolley Trail […]
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theatre and arts

Must-See Theatre and Arts in Bethesda, Maryland

Did you know that Bethesda, Maryland is home to over 63,000 happy Americans? More and more people are moving to one of the most lovely towns in the country. Have you ever asked yourself, “What is there to do in Bethesda, Maryland?” Aside from the scrumptious food and quaint shops, there are many reasons why a lover of the arts […]
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The Comprehensive Housing Market Forecast for Bethesda, MD (2020)

2019 was a tough year for both buyers and sellers across the nation, with low inventory, high entry-level prices, and the kind of economic uncertainty that makes baby boomers hang onto their older, larger home rather than putting it on the market. The housing market forecast for 2020 is expected to feature more of the same, with […]
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move to bethesdar

10 Interesting Reasons To Move to Bethesda, Maryland

Bethesda is one of the hottest towns to live in Maryland. There are so many reasons that people are relocating to Bethesda in droves. Home to about 65,000 residents, Bethesda provides close proximity to Washington D.C. with a suburban population. At the same time, the small urban center is a short drive away from popular Maryland […]
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things to do in silver spring

5 Super-Fun Things To Do In Silver Spring, MD

If you have Silver Spring on your radar as a place to invest in property, you’re on the right track. Renters occupy over 60% of homes in this town on the outskirts of the capital.  Many people want to live in Silver Spring because of its proximity to Washington DC as well as it’s diverse […]
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5 Disruptive Ways PropTech Is Changing Real Estate

In today’s world, technology permeates almost every sector, from medical care to law enforcement. It should come as no surprise that proptech began to integrate with the real estate market in various waves since the 1980s. What is proptech and how does it impact real estate? Proptech is an umbrella term that’s used for describing […]
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move to silver spring

5 Fun Reasons You Should Move To Silver Spring

Did you know that Silver Spring Maryland is only 7 miles from Washington D.C.? Whether you’re looking for an easy commute to the city or live close by, there’s something for everyone.  This article will cover why Silver Spring is such a beautiful city to live in and raise a family. Read on to discover […]
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HOA and property management

7 Differences Between HOAs and Property Management Companies

Your rental property could have both an HOA and a property management company. The two entities are very different things. But without a good understanding of the role of an HOA versus a property manager, it’s easy to get confused about what they do or how they work together.  Using a property manager to make […]
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silver spring housing market

2020 Silver Spring Housing Market Forecast

The Silver Spring housing market isn’t the most expensive in the DMV area, not in comparison to Arlington or Fairfax counties (especially with Fairfax turning into Amazon’s new playground and Crystal City transforming into a new Amazon headquarters). Still, Montgomery County remains one of the richest counties in the United States, and Silver Spring itself […]
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hiring a property manager in falls church

6 Tempting Reasons for Hiring a Property Manager in Falls Church, VA

When you start looking for passive sources of income, one option people often consider is renting out real estate properties. In other words, you let someone rent out and live in your extra space as you collect rent on a monthly basis, and spend your days strategizing how to acquire your next property. But, then […]
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falls church date ideas

6 Date Ideas in Falls Church, VA

Everyone knows that Virginia is for lovers. And luckily for all lovers, Falls Church, Virginia offers some great options for date night. These date ideas are perfect for celebrating a special milestone or your regular date night. Whether you’re new to the area or you’ve been here forever, you haven’t really experienced all Falls Church has to offer […]
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smooth move in falls church

6 Tips and a New Resident Checklist: Moving to Falls Church, VA

Falls Church, VA is in close proximity to Washington, DC which makes it a popular place to live and work. If you’re thinking of relocating to the Falls Church area, there are a few things you should know to make your experience a smooth move. Read on to discover six useful tips and a new […]
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things to do in falls church

9 Swoon-Worthy Discoveries in Falls Church, VA

Moving to a new location is no easy task. There are a lot of loose ends to tie up and belongings to pack. Plus, you have to prepare yourself and your family for an entirely new community.  For those moving to Falls Church, Virginia, don’t worry. If you’ve never even been to the state of Virginia, […]
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how to screen tenants

The Property Management Cheat-Sheet: How to Screen Tenants Effortlessly

Owning and renting out your property can come with plenty of perks, but it also comes with some pitfalls if you don’t have the right tenants. If you want to rent your property, it’s crucial to understand how to screen tenants so you can be sure your experience as a landlord will be a pleasant […]
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what does a property management company do

What Does a Property Management Company Do?

Becoming a landlord is a fruitful endeavor because you can earn money now by renting your units out and earn money down the line as the value of the property increases. However, it can also become a full-time job if you try to tackle all of the day-to-day tasks of being a landlord yourself. That’s why many landlords […]
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DC Airbnb Units

DC Short Term Rental Laws: What’s Changing in 2019

DC Airbnb Law 2019: Short Term Rental Regulations in the District Home-sharing platforms, such as Airbnb and VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner, now owned by HomeAway), have dramatically increased in popularity over the past ten years and have completely changed the shape of DC short term rental laws.  This drastic rise in the popularity of […]
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Moving to Alexandria, VA? 5 Gigantic things to know

What you should know before moving to Alexandria VA So the Potomac River beckons your name? Ah Alexandria, the historic home of the brave, filled with national monuments, museums, landmarks, and nature hikes. Who wouldn’t want to live there? With tasty dining options, a vibrant culture, and a historical ambiance waiting around every corner, Alexandria […]
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how to find the best property management company

What to Look for in a Property Management Company

Property management companies are growing thanks to a decline in homeownership. So much so that in 2019 annual revenue was $76 billion dollars. There are currently over 281,000 property management companies operating in the US. However, that doesn’t mean all of them are the perfect match for your needs. Hiring the right property manager can translate […]
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alexandria's housing market

Alexandria VA Housing Market Forecast in 2019

There is a lot of buzz about Alexandria’s housing market in 2019. The more popular term used to describe this spike in the market is the “Amazon effect.” So, in case you are moving into this new tech-jungle of the world, here’s what you need to know.  Things are changing, and they are changing fast […]
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Family preparing for moving

Moving to Fairfax, VA this Summer? 4 Smart Things You Need to Know

The weather is warm, and the flowers are blooming in the DMV area, and now is an exciting time to consider moving to Fairfax! The Fairfax, VA area is full of opportunity and fun things to do. Located just outside the nation’s Capital, Fairfax has easy metro access into the city too.  Being so conveniently […]
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George Washington Bridge

The Fairfax County Housing Market: Amazon’s New Playground

On November 13th Jeff Bezos announced Amazon’s HQ2 is coming to the National Landing. The location choice: Northern Virginia. But why Northern Virginia? And, how will this impact the Fairfax County housing market and home values in surrounding counties in 2019 and beyond? Growth in Business and Economy in Northern, VA  You can thank Virginia’s […]
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fairfax county

10 Interesting Things to Do in Fairfax County

Are you considering moving to Fairfax County? Well, there’s not much convincing to do because this city speaks for itself. Whatever you’re looking for, prepare to be dazzled, inspired, and engaged when visiting or living in Fairfax County! And If you’re unsure about what tickles your fancy, we’ve got you covered- check out these 10 awesome […]
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Experience Alexandria, VA with These 11 Fun Things to Do

Alexandria is one of the most historic cities in the nation. Located just outside of D.C., there’s a rich culture here that everyone should experience. Whether you’re just visiting, looking to rent, or planning on buying a home, Alexandria is the city for you. Here are 11 fun ways to experience Alexandria, VA. Be a […]
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Arlington County Rental Laws: Property Management Guide

Landlord and tenant laws in Arlington County can be fairly complex; the laws depend on the number of rental properties you own, and get more complex the more you own.  If you have three or more homes that you rent out to tenants, you’re required to follow the Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act.  If […]
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Should I Hire a Professional Property Manager in Arlington?

Your Guide To Finding The Right Professional Property Manager in Arlington, VA Smart investors know that hiring a professional property manager comes with a lot of benefits. For instance, property managers protect your investment and maintain its condition. In a housing market like Arlington, professional management is especially critical because of the value of many […]
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15 Fun Things to do in Arlington, VA

We love introducing people to Arlington and the surrounding area. This is one of the most diverse and dynamic places to live in the entire country! Are you visiting, investing, or looking for a new home? We’ve put together a list of everything you can do in Arlington, Va. Located just outside of Washington, D.C. […]
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Northern Virginia Property Management Guide – Best Places to Live in Arlington, Alexandria, and Fairfax

Are you relocating to Northern Virginia? Maybe you’re local to the area and looking for a new place to live! Today we are going to explore some of the most happening neighborhoods in the area. It’s great to do all the research before settling in. So, we did it for you! Northern Virginia Property Management […]
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How to Find the Best Property Management Companies in Arlington, Virginia

So you have decided to hire a professional property management company for your Arlington rental home. It’s the right choice to make, but, how do you go about finding one? There are plenty of real estate agencies and property management companies that offer residential property management. Choosing the right management partner who understands your needs […]
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12 Ways to Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Rental Property

When it comes to the return on your rental investment as a landlord, there are countless factors that are entirely outside of your control. Your rental yield can fluctuate year to year and will inevitably be influenced by macro-economic forces such as employment growth (or decline), mortgage interest rates and availability, supply changes that will […]
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Capitol Hill Neighborhood Profile

Tag along with the Nomadic team, as we explore Capitol Hill. This historic neighborhood is the heart of DC and the nation. The overall vibe is neighborly, tight knit, and family friendly. Its residents prove to be athletically and professionally ambitious. Looking for something in the area? Check out our Capitol Hill rentals. Featured Eastern […]
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You’ll Never Guess what this Gorgeously Renovated Home used to be…

In the property management business, we’ve come to realize that one home can serve a multitude of functions over its lifetime. Like 1500 D St, for example. Purchased by its current owner in 2000, it had previously served as a local liquor store. Problems with licensing caused the store to shut down. Jumping at the […]
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Why ACH Payments are Safer Than Writing a Check for Rent

In the day and age of increased cyber security concerns, the hesitation around utilizing ACH payments for rent debit or deposit is understood. It might be a surprise to hear, but electronic fund transfer is one of the safest ways to make a payment! Let’s take a closer look at what an ACH payment is and […]
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Affordable Neighborhoods

DC’s 5 most Affordable Neighborhoods

Living in the Capital of the United States comes with the reward of being at the center of activity that shapes our nation: politics, culture, and economics. There is no lack of variety of entertainment or internationally acclaimed dining and shopping here. The unfortunate effect of Washington’s high level of livability, alongside Amazon’s HQ2 announcement, […]
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HELP! How to Decide When To Call for Home Emergency Services

We’ve all had those days where nothing seems to go right. The sink faucet breaks, the refrigerator starts leaking and the dishwasher stops working entirely. After cursing the gods, our next instinct is to call our property manager’s emergency hotline to get immediate attention. As understandably frustrating all of this may be, none of these […]
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Preparing for a Snowier than Normal 2019 Winter

2019 weather predictions are calling for a snowier and later than usual winter this year. To ensure plenty of worry free and cozy nights by the fireplace, we recommend reading and following our tips on getting prepared for higher levels of snow coming our way! Clear Your Sidewalk Did you know that it is DC […]
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8 Most Stunning Christmas Trees of Washington D.C.

We are head over heels for the gorgeous Christmas trees of Washington D.C. They are taking over the landscape from Union Station to The White House and City Center to the Botanical gardens. Below are a few of our favorites, in no particular order, that we have come across so far. Have some you’d like […]
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6 Ways to Winterize Your Home to Protect from Freezing Temperatures

It’s that time of year again. The holiday lights are strewn across the city, and temperatures are finally hitting freezing. Although we love a good snow day, it is incredibly important to remember to winterize your home to protect it from the effects of low temps. If you haven’t already, read our post about using […]
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6 Tips for Moving Internationally from Washington DC

Washington DC is an incredibly transient city. People come and go from all corners of the world, daily. A lot of this movement can be attributed to career or educational opportunities. Our friends at Allied Movers have years of experience successfully transporting people from one end of the earth to the next. We took a […]
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Adams Morgan Neighborhood Profile

Tag along with Nomadic as we explore Adams Morgan.Known for its vibrant nightlife, great eateries, and walkability, Adams Morgan is one of the most eclectic and exciting neighborhoods in the Washington, DC area.  Alongside great dining and nightlife options, there are plenty of independently owned shops, educational institutions and fitness centers. Looking for something in […]
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6 Way to use Your Heating System Efficiently in Colder Weather

As it continues to get colder in the DMV, the Nomadic team has a few recommendations to help you use the heating systems in your home efficiently. This, usually, is as simple as flipping a couple of switches. However small these actions this may seem, their long term reward helps prevent big problems down the […]
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6 Ways to Maximize Space, or the Appearance of it, in a Studio Apartment

Space in Washington DC studio apartments can be tight, but they don’t necessarily have to look or feel like it. With the help of a few decorating tips, creative storage units and furniture arrangements you can maximize the use of space in your studio apartment. Let’s take a look at a few tips and tricks. […]
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How to Find the Perfect Tenant

Finding the perfect tenant for your investment property can take a lot of hard work. If all goes well, the time and effort you put in to the search will result in that special unicorn who diligently pays rent, maintains the property and never parties. However, if you are relying on your own judgement, the […]
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How to Prepare Your Home for Fall and the Coming Colder Season

The love for fall is strong here at Nomadic headquarters. We are excited about all things pumpkin spice, football, cooler temps, and of course, the changing colors of leaves. However much we love a good latte or a warm wool scarf, it’s important to keep in mind a few fall home maintenance reminders. Let’s take […]
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Why You Should Hire a Property Manager

Being a landlord has two effects on your life: financial gain and complete exhaustion. Of course, seeing the monthly rent hit your bank account is gratifying. However, the time and effort it takes to find tenants and maintain the property equates to a full time job. In an age where time is money and convenience […]
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7 Common Ways Washington DC Tenants can be Evicted

Facing or enforcing an eviction is uncomfortable for every party involved. However, it is important to note, not all evictions are due to tenants’ bad behavior.  As property managers, we feel we have responsibility to inform both homeowners and tenants on why evictions happen. Here are the top 10 reasons why a tenant would be […]
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How to Immediately React to a Flood Inside Your Home

With Fall coming into full swing, we can welcome in cooler temps, along with tons of rain. While the change in temperature is a sweet relief, the accompanying down pours can lead to destructive indoor flooding. If you live in a Nomadic managed property, indoor flooding is considered an emergency and will be attended to immediately. However, residents […]
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Save on Nationals Tickets in the 2018 Season

Great news for all of you die hard Nationals fans, fair-weather fans, or fair weather lovers (see what we did there?): we, here at Nomadic Real Estate, have teamed up with the Nationals box office to bring you discounted tickets for the rest of the 2018 home game season. This is a fantastic opportunity to […]
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5 Things To Do Instead Of Managing Your Own Property

If you’ve ever managed your own rental property, you aware of how time consuming it can be. Whether it’s finding and screening tenants, scheduling showings, price shopping maintenance crews or replacing garbage disposals yourself, each task can take hours. If not, days. Throw in a daily 9-7 workflow (because who really works 9-5) and you’re life […]
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Top 6 Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

As high temperatures and sweat patches start to make their appearance everywhere, the search for ways to beat the summer heat has officially begun. Check out the following tips to help manage your comfort level inside your home and save money while doing it. 1. Avoid Cooking During the Day Avoiding cooking, laundry and other […]
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6 Preventative Maintenance Procedures To Save You Time and Cash

Performing preventative maintenance on your home is comparable to maintaining a healthy routine for your body. The more that you do today to keep in good health, the more money you will save further down the road in costly medical procedures. In your home’s case, costly repairs. Below are 6 incredibly simple preventative maintenance procedures […]
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5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Your Rental Property

Being a novice home buyer with intentions of renting it out can be potentially one of the most stressful, yet lucrative investments one can make in a lifetime. As industry leaders in property management, the Nomadic Real Estate team has seen first hand how unexpected set-backs can make or break the investment experience. Below are […]
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6 Smart Renovations to Improve Property Value on a Rental

Like people, houses age. It doesn’t matter how well you keep up with preventative maintenance or the level of wear and tear on the house, as it goes through time, your home will eventually need renovations and replacements. These not only serve to make your home more stylish, but they increase the overall value of […]
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Secure your Basic Business License DC

How to Secure A Basic Business License in DC

Did you know, that in order to rent your DC property to tenants, it is required by DC law to acquire a Basic Business License? This information tends to come as a surprise to many homeowners, especially if this is your first rental experience. The process itself takes a bit of time, paperwork, and coordination […]
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Enhanced Reporting

Your portal includes a selection of extremely useful reports. Reports are available in the “Reports” section, and are distinct from the financial statements. Unlike financial statements which are static records, Reports are dynamic real-time records that will update with current data every time you view them. 

Scroll down to learn more about Reports:

Navigate to the "Reports" module in your portal:

Owner Portal Reports
  • Keep in mind, these reports are dynamic records. They will refresh to display current information every time you view them. 

Enhanced Rent Roll Report:

Enhanced Rent Roll Report
  • The Enhanced Rent Roll Report will show the rent amount, last payment date, move-in date, lease expiration date, and security deposit amount for each of your tenants. 
  • It will also show a portfolio summary with occupancy percentage, vacancy loss, and more!

Unit Comparison Report:

Unit Comparison Report
  • If you own multiple units (or buildings) with Nomadic, you’ll get access to the Unit Comparison Report. 
  • This report enables you to quickly compare financial performance between your units at a glance without toggling between individual reports. 

Income Statement Month-Over-Month:

Income Statement by Month Report
  • The Income Statement Detail – Monthly Report serves as a month-over-month record of portfolio performance. You’ll see itemized income and expense categories and can track monthly. This report will update with fresh data every time you view it. 

Financial Statements

Financial statements will be published to your portal on a monthly basis. The statements are found in your Documents library, and provide a historical record of all financial performance. The statements serve as a snapshot of financial performance over a given period, and are static documents (unlike Reports, the statements do not update/change in real-time). 

Scroll down for more info about the Financial Statements in your Documents library:

The Documents area contains monthly financial statements:

Owner Portal Documents
  • The statements in the Documents are are static documents. They are posted to the portal once a month to serve as a historical record of financial performance. 

Download a statement to see month and YTD financials:

Owner Portal Property Statement

You'll also find a month-over-month operating statement:

Month over Month Statement

Portal Communication Tool

You can use your owner portal to communicate with our team. Any messages you send through the portal will go straight to your Account Manager. When we reply, you’ll get an email notification and you’ll also see the message in your portal next time you log in. 

Here’s an overview of using the communication platform:

Click "Communications" and navigate to "Conversations":

Commincation Dashboard Screenshot
  • The communications module will contain a record of all messages that you create through the portal. 

Click the "New Message" button and send your message:

Owner Portal New Message Screenshot

Responses will show up in the conversation ticket:

Portal Conversation Response Screenshot
  • You’ll get an email notification whenever you get a response, and you’ll also see the message in your portal next time you log in. 

You can reply in-line using the comment box:

Owner Portal Comment

Each conversation will be logged in its entirety:

Portal Conversation Snapshot

Understanding the Ledger

Your portal includes a ledger with all transactions. The ledger is populated with data in real-time as transactions flow through our accounting software. Much of this information is also available in the Reports area, as well as the Statements in your Documents library, but the ledger is the most comprehensive resource for diving into the details. 

Please scroll through the sections below to get a better understanding of how to interpret the ledger. 

By default, transactions are sorted chronologically:

Owner Ledger Dates
  • The date reflected in the lefthand column is the actual transaction date, not the “bill date”. This is the date the transaction was actually processed. 

If you have multiple properties with Nomadic, you'll see the address for each transaction in the "Location" column:

Ledger Property Column
  • You can filter the ledger to look at just one property, all properties, or specific sets of properties. 
  • If you only have one property with us, you’ll just see the ledger for that property. 

The Description column displays the transaction type:

Owner Ledger Description Column
  • BILL: this is an expense transaction, such as for repair costs or management fees.
  • CHARGE: this is a transaction  billed to the tenant, most typically a rent payment. 
  • NACHA EXPORT: this is a credit we processed to your distribution account. This type of transaction is how you get paid! 

The Amount column shows the dollar value of each transaction:

Owner Ledger Amount Column
  • Positive Amounts: if an amount is positive, it reflects a transaction that is payable to you. Typically, this will be a rent payment that we collected from your tenants. On occasion, a positive number could also signify a journal entry or credit adjustment. 
  • Negative Amounts:  if an amount is negative, this is a transaction that is either payable to Nomadic or is an amount that has already been paid to you. Typically this will be for repair costs or management/leasing fees. Owner draws (net distributions into your checking/savings account) also reflect as negative amounts, since they have already been paid to you. 

The Account Balance column shows a sum of positive/negative transactions at a given point in time:

Owner Ledger Account Balance Column
  • Account Balance should always equal zero after a net distribution has been processed. When the balance is zero, this means that all expenses have been paid and you’ve received the remainder as net operating income, leaving a balance of zero (meaning: no one is due any money, as all funds have been distributed appropriately). 

Navigating the Propertyware Owner Portal

Your portal includes some extremely useful features that help you understand your property’s financial performance at a new level, with real-time transparency into every transaction.

Scroll through the snapshots below for an overview of portal navigation! If you need more help or have specific questions about using the portal, you can reach out to your Account Manager any time for a screen share. 

You can filter all info by date range or property:

PW Portal Filters

View a snapshot of income and expenses on your dashboard:

PW Owner Dashboard View

See every transaction in real-time on your ledger:

Owner Portal Ledger View

Statements and forms will be posted to your documents library:

Owner Portal Document Library

View a suite of real-time financial reports:

Portal Reports View

See a running list of all bills, and drill down for more detail:

Owner Portal Bills View

Under Bill Details, you'll find dates/descriptions/amounts and more:

Portal Bill Details

You can also communicate with your Account Manager through the portal:

Owner Portal Communication Tools

How do net distributions work?

Net distributions keep your accounting clean and simple. Each month we’ll collect rent from the tenants, deduct any repair expenses for the previous month and any management/leasing fees for the current month, and credit the remaining net operating income to your account. 

Net Distribution

You’ll receive a statement via email each time a net distribution is processed, and can view all transaction details in your Propertyware owner portal.