Welcome to Nomadic Real Estate’s application for the Rent Payment Program. To submit your application, please complete the secure online application on this page and follow the prompts below. 

We encourage all of our Washington DC tenants to apply if they feel they are experiencing financial hardship as a direct or indirect result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and that this hardship has impacted or is expected to impact their ability to make timely rent payments per the terms of their Lease Agreement. There is no application fee, and there are no additional surcharges or interest that accompany a repayment plan under this legislation.

If you have questions or require assistance, please use the chat widget at the bottom right of your screen, or email our Rent Payment Plan Response Team at rpp@nomadicrealestate.com. You may also call our office at 202-223-9019 (ext. 4) if you’d like additional assistance or alternative accommodations. 

For additional information regarding the Coronavirus Support Emergency Amendment Act of 2020, and the Rent Payment Plans outlined therein, please visit our Tenant Repayment Plan Resource Page.

Online Rent Payment Plan Application

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