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Our family business provides leasing, management, and sales services for single family homes, condo units, and small-medium multifamily buildings.

We would value the opportunity to speak with you and learn about your goals for your property.

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Great tenants are worth their weight in gold. Tasks such as advertising, screening applicants, and reviewing references take time, as does handling repairs and maintenance after people move out. Using the expertise of a Hyattsville property management company makes the entire process easier and reduces your workload.

Nomadic Real Estate has a team of property management professionals with over 15 years of experience in the Hyattsville, Md., area. We can assist you by finding suitable tenants and keeping your rental property occupied as much as possible. Call us at 202-223-9019 to discuss what we can do for you.

How We Help Property Owners In Prince George's County

Your rental property takes a lot of work and can eat into your free time. A full-service Hyattsville property management company can eliminate much of this workload by taking over some of the most challenging parts of the process, freeing up your time.

Turnover and Maintenance Services

Dealing with the property between tenants is always a hassle, which is why Nomadic Real Estate handles your turnover and maintenance duties. We'll inspect the home thoroughly before any tenant moves in, handling maintenance and repairs before welcoming your new renter.

Screening and Leasing

The next step of the rental process is finding the right tenant. Nomadic Real Estate will deal with all the inquiries on your property and handle background checks, applications, and negotiations. We'll also execute the lease when the time comes.

Onboarding the Rental Property

Your rental property takes a lot of work and can eat into your free time. A full-service Hyattsville property management company can eliminate much of this workload by taking over some of the most challenging parts of the process, freeing up your time.

Rent Collection Services

Collecting rent is never fun, especially when you have renters who are always late. Nomadic Real Estate secures monthly payments through ACH Direct Debit before depositing the money into your account. Our online platform also tracks all your financial data.

Nomadic Real Estate provides a personal level of service to our clients in the Hyattsville, Maryland, area. We have several dozen full-time employees working with us to provide the region’s best property management services. Contact us today to learn more.

Get Guaranteed Results

You’ll want to consider your options carefully before hiring a Hyattsville property management firm. Nomadic Real Estate can help make your decision easier by offering outstanding value. 

  • 30-Day Rental Guarantee
    Nomadic Real Estate will locate a qualified renter for you within 30 days of listing. We’ll offer you a free month of management if we don’t meet this metric.
  • Pay-for-Results Guarantee
    You only have to pay Nomadic Real Estate after we deliver results. There aren’t any upfront fees or deposits with our services.
  • 24/7-Support
    Our assistance is available 24 hours per day. We’ll be there whenever you need us.
  • Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed
    You don’t have to sign a long-term contract with Nomadic Real Estate, and you can cancel with 30 days’ notice without fees or penalties. 

We guarantee you’ll be happy with everything Nomadic Real Estate has to offer. Start the process by contacting us online or calling 202-223-9019 to discuss your rental property goals.

What homeowners are saying:

I’ve been trying to find a property management company I could trust for years and I finally stumbled across Nomadic. Jenna made sure that all the photos of my property were professional and that the floorplan looked great. Plus, she helped set up a virtual tour! Since then, I’ve had no worries about maintaining and managing the home I rent out. I can’t recommend these guys enough!

five star review
Peggy Mueller

This is the 2019 update of what I've been writing time and again: Nomadic is excellent, professional and efficient! Managing my property since 2013, Nomadic dealt with all situations with utmost care and efficacy. Be it time to find a new tenant, to fix an appliance or to prepare the property for a move in, Nomadic scores the highest. I'm fortunate to have Nomadic taking care of property, my life's savings. I count on Nomadic and it gives me peace of mind.

five star review
Eduardo Castro

Nomadic Real Estate Is Your Trusted Partner

All landlords should have the necessary property management services available to them. Nomadic Real Estate helps property owners all over the D.C. area maximize returns on their rental properties. We also offer:

  • A 96% occupancy rate
  • Under 0.1% eviction rate
  • No renewal fees or markups

We work hard to offer the best customer service in the industry, leveraging hard work and technology to achieve this goal.

All-Inclusive Property Management for All Customers

A good property management company can help keep tenants and customers happy, and with zero upfront costs and zero renewal fees, Nomadic Real Estate is proven to be Hyattsville, MD’s choice for residential real estate leasing. We have customers all over the world, but we have always maintained our personal, handcrafted approach to property management. 

If you are a business owner or real estate investor in Northern Virginia, Nomadic Real Estate is ready and waiting to help your investment grow and flourish. 

Want to learn more? Get a response within minutes!

Whether you'd like a free market analysis or simply want to learn more about our property management and leasing services, please reach out and we'll respond within 20 minutes.

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We respect your privacy. We will not spam you or share your information with anyone. 

Discover the Nomadic Difference

When you work with Nomadic Real Estate, you are working with a team that cares about you. We take our jobs very seriously, and work 24/7 so you can enjoy life rather than worrying about the ins and outs of paperwork, data collection, and property maintenance. 

As part of the Nomadic Difference, we promise to:

  • Always care about your property as if it was our own.
  • Handle your data effectively.
  • Market your property to the best of our ability so it always looks beautiful and well-presented.
  • Maintain a professional relationship between you and your tenants.

We promise to provide you with the tools to enjoy your investment, not worry about the numerous small details that go into real estate investing and maintenance. Our full- service team of Maryland property management professionals handle all your needs, armed with transparent communication and a devotion to seeing customers succeed.

Your Expert on Hyattsville Property Management

Don’t wait any longer! If you have any questions about property management in Northern Virginia, or wish to learn more about all the services provided by Nomadic Real Estate, contact us today. We can’t wait to speak with you about your property management goals!

Learn What Sets Nomadic Apart:

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Thinking of selling? Get an instant property value report:

Enhanced Reporting

Your portal includes a selection of extremely useful reports. Reports are available in the “Reports” section, and are distinct from the financial statements. Unlike financial statements which are static records, Reports are dynamic real-time records that will update with current data every time you view them. 

Scroll down to learn more about Reports:

Navigate to the "Reports" module in your portal:

Owner Portal Reports
  • Keep in mind, these reports are dynamic records. They will refresh to display current information every time you view them. 

Enhanced Rent Roll Report:

Enhanced Rent Roll Report
  • The Enhanced Rent Roll Report will show the rent amount, last payment date, move-in date, lease expiration date, and security deposit amount for each of your tenants. 
  • It will also show a portfolio summary with occupancy percentage, vacancy loss, and more!

Unit Comparison Report:

Unit Comparison Report
  • If you own multiple units (or buildings) with Nomadic, you’ll get access to the Unit Comparison Report. 
  • This report enables you to quickly compare financial performance between your units at a glance without toggling between individual reports. 

Income Statement Month-Over-Month:

Income Statement by Month Report
  • The Income Statement Detail – Monthly Report serves as a month-over-month record of portfolio performance. You’ll see itemized income and expense categories and can track monthly. This report will update with fresh data every time you view it. 

Financial Statements

Financial statements will be published to your portal on a monthly basis. The statements are found in your Documents library, and provide a historical record of all financial performance. The statements serve as a snapshot of financial performance over a given period, and are static documents (unlike Reports, the statements do not update/change in real-time). 

Scroll down for more info about the Financial Statements in your Documents library:

The Documents area contains monthly financial statements:

Owner Portal Documents
  • The statements in the Documents are are static documents. They are posted to the portal once a month to serve as a historical record of financial performance. 

Download a statement to see month and YTD financials:

Owner Portal Property Statement

You'll also find a month-over-month operating statement:

Month over Month Statement

Portal Communication Tool

You can use your owner portal to communicate with our team. Any messages you send through the portal will go straight to your Account Manager. When we reply, you’ll get an email notification and you’ll also see the message in your portal next time you log in. 

Here’s an overview of using the communication platform:

Click "Communications" and navigate to "Conversations":

Commincation Dashboard Screenshot
  • The communications module will contain a record of all messages that you create through the portal. 

Click the "New Message" button and send your message:

Owner Portal New Message Screenshot

Responses will show up in the conversation ticket:

Portal Conversation Response Screenshot
  • You’ll get an email notification whenever you get a response, and you’ll also see the message in your portal next time you log in. 

You can reply in-line using the comment box:

Owner Portal Comment

Each conversation will be logged in its entirety:

Portal Conversation Snapshot

Understanding the Ledger

Your portal includes a ledger with all transactions. The ledger is populated with data in real-time as transactions flow through our accounting software. Much of this information is also available in the Reports area, as well as the Statements in your Documents library, but the ledger is the most comprehensive resource for diving into the details. 

Please scroll through the sections below to get a better understanding of how to interpret the ledger. 

By default, transactions are sorted chronologically:

Owner Ledger Dates
  • The date reflected in the lefthand column is the actual transaction date, not the “bill date”. This is the date the transaction was actually processed. 

If you have multiple properties with Nomadic, you'll see the address for each transaction in the "Location" column:

Ledger Property Column
  • You can filter the ledger to look at just one property, all properties, or specific sets of properties. 
  • If you only have one property with us, you’ll just see the ledger for that property. 

The Description column displays the transaction type:

Owner Ledger Description Column
  • BILL: this is an expense transaction, such as for repair costs or management fees.
  • CHARGE: this is a transaction  billed to the tenant, most typically a rent payment. 
  • NACHA EXPORT: this is a credit we processed to your distribution account. This type of transaction is how you get paid! 

The Amount column shows the dollar value of each transaction:

Owner Ledger Amount Column
  • Positive Amounts: if an amount is positive, it reflects a transaction that is payable to you. Typically, this will be a rent payment that we collected from your tenants. On occasion, a positive number could also signify a journal entry or credit adjustment. 
  • Negative Amounts:  if an amount is negative, this is a transaction that is either payable to Nomadic or is an amount that has already been paid to you. Typically this will be for repair costs or management/leasing fees. Owner draws (net distributions into your checking/savings account) also reflect as negative amounts, since they have already been paid to you. 

The Account Balance column shows a sum of positive/negative transactions at a given point in time:

Owner Ledger Account Balance Column
  • Account Balance should always equal zero after a net distribution has been processed. When the balance is zero, this means that all expenses have been paid and you’ve received the remainder as net operating income, leaving a balance of zero (meaning: no one is due any money, as all funds have been distributed appropriately). 

Navigating the Propertyware Owner Portal

Your portal includes some extremely useful features that help you understand your property’s financial performance at a new level, with real-time transparency into every transaction.

Scroll through the snapshots below for an overview of portal navigation! If you need more help or have specific questions about using the portal, you can reach out to your Account Manager any time for a screen share. 

You can filter all info by date range or property:

PW Portal Filters

View a snapshot of income and expenses on your dashboard:

PW Owner Dashboard View

See every transaction in real-time on your ledger:

Owner Portal Ledger View

Statements and forms will be posted to your documents library:

Owner Portal Document Library

View a suite of real-time financial reports:

Portal Reports View

See a running list of all bills, and drill down for more detail:

Owner Portal Bills View

Under Bill Details, you'll find dates/descriptions/amounts and more:

Portal Bill Details

You can also communicate with your Account Manager through the portal:

Owner Portal Communication Tools

How do net distributions work?

Net distributions keep your accounting clean and simple. Each month we’ll collect rent from the tenants, deduct any repair expenses for the previous month and any management/leasing fees for the current month, and credit the remaining net operating income to your account. 

Net Distribution

You’ll receive a statement via email each time a net distribution is processed, and can view all transaction details in your Propertyware owner portal.