Leasing in Virginia


After the conclusion of an onsite meeting at your residence, we check with private, public and internal databases to develop a significant sample size of equivalent product that has been leased within a specific distance of your home over the last year. From this, we add or subtract value from our established median value based upon features and improvements. This data allows our real estate leasing agents in VA to arrive at a market rate and position your home for success.


The first step in establishing our industry leading ad campaign is our professional photographer visiting your household to create a stunning portfolio. We then have our VA leasing agents write a thorough description that is designed to walk tenants from the neighborhood, to your building if applicable, and into your home. All of our ads are then distributed across 5 individual websites multiple times per week. In addition, we utilize our corporate network which includes IMF, World Bank, the State Department as well as a network of embassies.


Once a potential tenant shows any interest in your home they will complete our online application. Each person who applies is then subject to a criminal background check, resident history review, and detailed credit check. These steps even involve speaking with any past landlords and an income debt ratio. After gathering all of the results and creating a thorough summary we provide the information to our clients along with our recommendation.


Our real estate agents provide elite lead management and organize and run the entire showing process. Our methods work so well that we average a signed lease for our properties within a four week period of advertising. Our strategy involves 2-3 hour long showings per week for pre-approved times that fit our client’s busy schedules. ¬†Our real estate leasing agents know your neighborhood intimately and are trained to overcome any objections and add value to your home.


We work side by side with all of our clients to custom draft our standard lease to reflect language specific to each individual home and ensure that all of the language is present to protect our clients. After an applicant has been approved they sign the lease and provide a security deposit. We then give our client one more opportunity to review the agreement before they execute it. At this point, our staff of VA realtors will assemble any other paperwork in order to ensure a seamless move-in process.

Market Ready/ Administrative Setup

Once the lease has been finalized by all parties we will conduct a full examination of the residence and provide a fully itemized list to the client that details all of the work that is required to make the home market ready. The list provides any quotes and once it is approved we will supervise the completion of all work. After of all of the work has been finalized we will conduct an appraisal of your file which includes warranty info, utility structure, uploading your insurance information, rules, and service agreements.