Leasing in Maryland


Once we have concluded an onsite meeting at your home we will review public, private, and internal databases to create a significant sample size of comparable product that was rented over the last year within a determined radius from your home. We develop a fair market evaluation of your property from this base adding or subtracting based on enhancements or product features.


The next step is launching a tailored marketing campaign designed to get your property noticed. We start with our professional photographing creating a visually stunning portfolio while our Maryland leasing agents create a detailed narrative designed to walk potential tenants from the neighborhood, to your front door, and then into the home itself. Our industry leading ads are then distributed across 5 websites multiple times a week. We also have a large corporate network of clientele who are in the World Bank, State Department, IMF, and a vast array of embassies who often are looking for or have colleagues who are seeking housing.


Whenever someone wishes to become a tenant we perform a detailed resident history review, criminal background check, and a thorough credit check. We review their income to debt ratio and interview any of their past landlords. We strive to be the best leasing agents in MD and to achieve this goal we perform the highest levels of diligence to provide our clients with great tenants for their home or investment.


As a Maryland real estate leasing agency, we provide best in the industry lead management and manage the entire showing process.  The real estate agents on our team know your neighborhood intimately and are well trained to overcome any objections and add value to your home. We take the time to get to know our clients and their homes so that we can provide the highest levels of service to each of our properties.


Our RE agents work closely with our clients to customize each lease and make sure that the language is safeguarded for your home. Once an applicant has been approved, they sign and deliver the security deposit, and we then give our client another opportunity to review and then execute the agreement. We will also assemble the required lead paint forms and associated paperwork to make sure the move-in process is as smooth as possible.

Market Ready/ Administrative Setup

Once all of the paperwork is completed and the lease has been executed we perform a thorough inspection and present our client with an itemized list of all the work required to make the home market ready. The list contains any necessary quotes and if it is approved we will oversee all work to ensure the highest quality results at the best price. Our goal is to make the transition out of your home as stress free as possible by handling the entire process. Our final step is an administrative audit of your file which includes the upload of your warranty information, any insurance information, rules, service agreements, and utility structure.