Joe Rieling

Joe Rieling

President / Co-Founder
In 2005 my brother Ben and I launched Nomadic Real Estate and have been employing a 24/7 mentality since. I feel privileged today to see our company not only manage over 1,000 properties, but to be an industry leader within the Residential Property Management field. We were proud to recently welcome our sister, Jenna, to the team, truly embodying what it means to be family owned and operated.

Having an appetite for experience, you can find me in a restaurant, training for a marathon at the National Mall, or planning an international trip. When I’m not with my Nomadic work family, I’m watching Ben’s two sons play hockey (they’re much better than I ever was).

Thanks for reading, the Nomadic team is looking forward to doing business with you.

Ben Rieling

Chief Operating Officer / Co-Founder
As co-founder of Nomadic Real Estate I take immense pleasure in seeing our business continue to grow and thrive in the local DC market. My brother Joe and I have grown Nomadic from the ground-up and our passion and desire to excel has never been higher.

Enjoying the growth of Nomadic Real Estate has paralleled the pride and fulfillment I’ve experienced in being a father of two happy, healthy and active boys. I love spending my free time coaching their flag football team and of course, helping to develop their ice hockey skills (they are better than Joe ever was). Being a parent and an entrepreneur have their similarities in that the end goal is the success of something or someone outside of yourself.

This is the type of mentality we hope to bring to you with our service at Nomadic. We look forward to working with you.

Jay LaValley

Director of Operations
A polished professionalist with an Economics Degree, Jay is a retired competitive athlete turned coach/teacher, attended Law School, was an Assistant Vice President of a boutique Boston law firm, owned a small Baltimore gym, and most recently Chaired a non-profit Executive Board.

Frank D'Angelo

Director of Sales
When he isn’t on the phone or in a coffee shop with a client, Frank is diving further into the D.C. real estate scene or on the rugby pitch. Our clients’ level of happiness are his top priorities. Nothing brings him more pleasure than watching our clients find the peace of mind they desire .

Kara Fenclau

Sales Associate
Always up for a challenge, Kara is constantly pushing the envelope for better results. She thrives on personal and professional growth. She is a bubbly people person and knows that her calling was in sales. She admires all things architecture in DC when she is getting her run in. When she's not busy making sure her clients are happy, she's increasing her grey matter with a minimum of 2 books a month and a voracious appetite for podcasting.

Noor Kohli

Administrative Assistant
Noor is truly a citizen of the world, hailing from Chandigarh India, finishing her studies in England and then making her way across the pond to Washington DC. She wholeheartedly believes in putting the customer first at all times and works diligently, always striving to deliver above and beyond their expectations. Bitten by the travel bug, she's always exploring new places and cultures.

Suzannah Van Rooy

Marketing Manager
Obsessed with witty copy and all things social media, Suz is captivated with the inner workings of small businesses and is always on the lookout to make things run more smoothly. Figuring our what makes our clients happy is her jam. When she doesn’t have her face in a screen, it’s usually in a book.

Judy Thomas

Client Services Manager
Judy works around the clock to on board Nomadic Real Estate’s new property management clients. Judy is a firm believer in top notch communication and being quick about responding to all of our new client needs. She is proud to call the vibrant D.C. her home and loves being part of the Nomadic team. When she isn’t delivering brilliant customer service at Nomadic, she can be found tearing up the rock wall in Virginia.

Shawn Bruce

In House Photographer
Shawn has an eye for composition and loves chasing perfect light. He moved from St. Louis, Missouri, where he held the position of lead photographer in a digital marketing agency. He has a background in education, environmental science, and numerous artistic mediums. His current pursuits are in photography, videography, and graphic design. When he isn’t taking beautiful photos of Nomadic properties, you can find him out and about with this wife looking for the perfect bowl of Chinese food.

John Conley

Field Agent
As a field agent for Nomadic Real Estate, John has a wide, in depth, breadth of knowledge of the various properties Nomadic manages on a day to day basis. His favorite aspect of the job? Getting to explore this dynamic, ever changing city. He is constantly working to create processes which help our clients have better management experiences. When he’s not out in the field, he is practicing his top chef skills.

Devin Henry

Head of Leasing and Turnover
A true admirer of all D.C. has to offer in terms of architecture and beautiful surroundings, Devin has been obsessed with Real Estate his whole life. As one of our most well rounded professionals with a background ranging from digital marketing to financial planning, he works tirelessly with our leasing and turnover departments to ensure the best possible experience for our clients and tenants. When he isn’t managing more than a few projects for Nomadic, he can be seen boarding through the streets of D.C. or finger picking neo-classical guitar.

Jenna Rieling

Leasing Manager
Jenna works exhaustively to assist home owners rent their property and prospective renters to find a place they can call home in the D.C. Metro area. She believes in hard work, dedication, and strong communication. Her top priority is ensuring her clients’ peace of mind. When she isn’t playing home matchmaker, Jenna can be found running or training for something incredibly athletic.

Aubrey Batten

Leasing Manager
Aubrey strives daily to help Nomadic clients and tenant find the perfect solutions to their leasing needs. He is a long term veteran to client relations and values strong and constant communication. Aubrey loves the day to day challenge of not only finding potential tenants to fill our home owners’ spaces, but also finding the perfect place for people who are currently searching for housing. When he isn’t at the office, he is making his own ice cream at home!

Eva Koclanova

Leasing Administrator
Eva came to the US several years ago for an MBA, fell in love with D.C., and decided to stay. She is incredibly passionate about the architecture and natural beauty the city has to offer, which she enjoys on her daily walks. She cares about providing an exceptional level of customer service and is always striving to perform better than the day before. When she isn’t crushing it at Nomadic, she can be found with her dog Raja enjoying the outdoors.

Philippe-Marlin Dohou

Leasing Administrator
Philippe is a recent graduate in Economics and has been involved in organizations such as VCU Verde program service learning program and UNICEF at VCU. He spent time volunteering (Childhood Education and Environmental Testing) abroad and has participated in large fundraising efforts for disaster relief on behalf of UNICEF. He likes spending time watching, learning and playing soccer. He also enjoy gaming, reading, travel and self-development education.

Elijah Taylor

Senior Leasing Agent
Elijah is truly passionate about real estate and the various opportunities that arise within the field. He is completely dedicated to the Nomadic leasing clients and puts their happiness and satisfaction as a top priority. One of his favorite parts of the day, other than helping someone find a home, is being in the city and experiencing the vast and historical architectural aspects of D.C. When he isn’t scoring on behalf of his clients, he is out on the court shooting hoops.

Natasha Rodriguez

Leasing Agent
A proud Maryland native, Natasha was also practically raised in the business and has fond early childhood memories of hanging out with her father on construction sites. She has an appetite for all of the different flavors of DC - from the amazing street tacos one can find in Columbia Heights, to the 5 star meals in City Center to a hearty bowl full of Dan Dan noodles found in Chinatown, Natasha consumes it all. When she isn't busy eating her way through to city, she crushes work on the leasing team at Nomadic.

Ramatu Kamara

Leasing Agent
Travelling all the way from West Africa, Ramatu loves everything about being a leasing agent and specializes in customer service. Her favorite part of the day is interacting with Nomadic Real Estate’s various clients and experiencing the natural high of giving our clients the gift of peace of mind. Outside of the office, he love exploring all of the culinary aspects of D.C.

Connor McHugh

Leasing Agent
From rural New Jersey, Connor went from small town life to city living, here, in the Nations Capital. When he is not showing Nomadic properties, Connor enjoys exploring D.C., hiking, and camping. Having already visited a handful, he plans to travel to all 58 of the United State's National Parks. With a growing knowledge of the DMV neighborhoods, Connor dedicates his time to finding the perfect properties for D.C. renters.

Joe Stapleton

Turnover Manager
Joe’s role as Turnover Manager with Nomadic, involves providing our clients and tenants with a seamless and stress free move in or move out experience. The turnover role is a critical aspect to the beginning and end phase of each lease and sets the tone for the entire experience. He strives to provide Nomadic Real Estate’s clients and tenants with an unmatched property management experience through strong communication and a relentless work ethic. In Joe’s down time, he can be found hiking or being active in the city.

Lauren Hughes

Turnover Coordinator
Working as a turnover coordinator, like Lauren does, means that you are constantly juggling more than a few lines of communication all at once in efforts to create a seamless turnover experience for all parties involved. We like to think of her as the glue of the entire operation. Lauren specializes in corporate communications and is incredibly passionate about her work here at Nomadic. When she is not here making things run smoothly, she is enjoying the city and all it has to offer.

Christopher Jolly

Turnover Agent
Being a native to Washington D.C. definitely does not mean that Christopher takes this city for granted. He still loves taking in new views and noting the ways in which this city has grown over the years and continues to develop. His main goal, everyday, is to give client, tenants and team mates the best possible level of customer service in the industry. He is constantly working towards improvement and prides himself on his problem solving capabilities. Christopher only wants to be part of the best team in the industry and has found that in Nomadic Real Estate.

Antoine Woods

Turnover Agent
A proud Virginia native, Antoine knows the value of clearly defined goals, hard work and the commitment it takes to be successful. That’s why he is such a valued member of the Nomadic Real Estate Turnover team. He believes in creating and fostering calm environments for clients during times of stress and is able to do this through his many years of yogic practice.

Ray Minarcik

Director of Property Management
Ray works tirelessly to ensure that both tenants and clients have as positive of a renting experience as possible. When he’s not killing it in house, he’s enjoying all the life the DMV has to offer with his side kick and rescue dog, Riker – or volunteering as an Emergency Medical Technician

Liz Fuhr

Senior Property Manager
One of the best property managers in the West, Liz knows exactly what it takes to deliver the highest level of customer service, ensuring 100% satisfaction and complete homeowner peace of mind. She knows that when you put your home into the hands of another person, you are putting your life into someone else’s trust. That’s why she believes in constant contact and incredible, positive communications. She is incredibly proud to call Virginia home and welcomes any communication!

Peter Brigham

Property Manager
Hailing from the land of cheap avocados and sunshine, Peter has finally come to his senses and realized that the West Coast is not, in fact, the best coast. He loves being on the property management team with Nomadic and says that his favorite part of the job, is when someone leaves an amazing review on Yelp or Google. His favorite part about DC living is being able to take his daughters to Meridian Hill Park, or any number of the free museums - especially the Air and Space Museum.

Mahlik Jones

Field Agent
Mahlik jones, a young intuitive man from Washington dc with more drive than a 1970 mustang. He loves to help others and here at Nomadic, he has the opportunity to help so many people, not just within the company but also within his district. He enjoy visiting new places and burrying himself in new readings. Learning is the best gift and even though school is finished for him, he will always be a student

Maurice Bowie

Universal Agent
An all round customer service extraordinaire, Maurice has a diverse background in the industry. He is a tried and true foodie, traveller, and adrenaline junkie. When he isn't on a Nomadic mission, you can find him watching or playing sports, spending time with his family or jamming out to some old school hip hop.

Sy Gezachew

Head of Accounting
Jack of all trades, master of accounting. When Sy isn’t crunching numbers, he is involved with pretty much every other aspect of what it takes to run a mid sized and growing business, successfully. He doesn’t reserve his Super Sy cape for just the office, he also loves being taught about all the zoo animals by his son and spending time with family.

Ted Williams

Senior Staff Accountant
Ted does plenty of heavy lifting in our day to day operations. He is an incredibly valued part of our accounting team, which works around the clock to deliver our clients’ financial peace of mind. He is detail obsessed and is constantly improving, whether it’s in the ring or in the spreadsheets. Walks in beautiful, historic D.C. with his retired racing greyhound is what he likes doing when he’s not thinking of better ways to serve our clients.

Blaise Eshghi

Staff Accountant
Being one of four siblings, Blaise’s favorite aspect of working for Nomadic Real Estate is feeling like he is part of a big work family. Although he is a part of the accounting staff, he considers everyone a part of one big team. He admires the hustle and effort he is part of every day from the team at Nomadic. When he isn’t doing amazing things with numbers for Nomadic Real Estate, he is hiking, skiing or playing basketball.

Glen Anderson

Staff Accountant
Glenn is a young professional originally from New York City. He has always had a love for math and numbers which led him to getting a degree in accounting from the university at Albany, and now working for the accounting department here at Nomadic Real Estate. In his free time you’ll find him binging a good show on Netflix, or playing basketball at his local gym.