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We provide 24/7 support for emergency services involving the following criteria:         

  • No heat with temperatures below 40 degrees         
  • No electricity
  • No running water
  • No functional toilet/shower
  • Water leak of significant volume
  • Fire/Theft or any event involving police/fire department.



  • For any non-emergency work requests, use the link below to get in touch.


  • All rent is automatically deducted from your account on the 1st business day of every month. Plan accordingly!


  • All Tenants are responsible for: changing HVAC filters, light bulbs, cleaning gutters, yard work as needed, and performing professional cleaning at Move-Out

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's one of the safest methods of transferring rent! Direct Deposit is an Automated Clearing House transaction that has been proven safe and confidential. Unlike checks (an industry that suffers from 4.3 billion on fraudulent activity annually) a Direct Deposit payment can never get lost or forgotten, is never handled by multiple people and is secure, convenient and fast. 

Make sure the filter has been changed. As per the lease, the HVAC filters need to be changed out every quarter at a minimum and failure to do so can lead to system malfunctions. Also, turn your system off if it’s not cooling as it’s possible it has iced up and it will need to defrost in order for a technician to service it.

First, hit the reset button on the bottom of the unit and use an Allen wrench to spin the blades (via a notch on the bottom as well). Sometimes if the disposal hasn’t been used for some time it can seize up this way. If it does not turn on at all, make sure there are no tripped GFCI outlets or breakers. Finally, if none of these solutions work, submit a work order online. Please note that if the disposal is not working due to misuse or neglect (even if accidental), the cost for any repair or replacement will be a tenant responsibility.

There is nothing written in the lease outlining breaking a lease as it’s essentially breaking a contract. When one party wants to alter the terms of the contract, the other needs to give conditions for this to happen. Typically, tenant(s) are rent responsible until new tenants physically move into the home and must pay a lease break fee that is calculated based on the number of months left on the lease (assuming this is a 12 month lease, that amount should be under one month’s rent). Please note that this is a typical scenario and a landlord may request different conditions/terms for a lease break to proceed, if they allow it at all.

If you want to sublet your lease, this must be approved by a landlord first AND there must be no restrictions outlined in the HOA bylaws or building rules, if applicable. Once a sublet scenario is green-lighted, the sublet must apply online and go through a background and credit check. Once the application has been approved, that is it, meaning that rent will still come out of the primary tenant’s account and that tenant is still tied to the lease in the event of damage or non-payment of rent. Nomadic does not have sublet agreements on hand so that will need to be arranged between the renter and sublet directly.

First, you will need to check with your property manager to see if the owner is willing to allow pets onto the lease and, if applicable, with your building to ensure there are no restrictions on what kinds of pets you are able to have. If both check out, you will need to fill out a pet addendum along with paying a deposit and/or fee for having that pet. Typically, pet deposits are refundable at the end of the lease and usually range between $300.00 and $500.00, however a landlord has the ultimate say in terms of amounts for the deposits/fees.

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How do net distributions work?

Net distributions keep your accounting clean and simple. Each month we’ll collect rent from the tenants, deduct any repair expenses for the previous month and any management/leasing fees for the current month, and credit the remaining net operating income to your account. 

You’ll receive a statement via email each time a net distribution is processed, and can view all transaction details in your Propertyware owner portal.