Washington D.C.

Nomadic started as a family business with a founding principle of being personable and being willing to spend the time to meet client needs. I never got the feeling that I didn’t matter to them, no matter how many properties they were managing. It’s that personal touch and their willingness to go the extra mile to do things right that makes me a loyal customer.


Arlington, VA

We have rented a home managed by Nomadic for almost 2 years now. I find them very responsive to phone calls and emails and quick to address any issues. The crew sent out for any of our issues has always been professional and courteous. I would, without hesitation, recommend Nomadic to anyone!


Washington, DC

You guys are really amazing, have made renting our house glorious and headache free.


Washington, DC

I’ve heard horror stories about other management companies, but the Nomadic staff, including Joe, Ben, and Sully go above and beyond! They’re quick to respond to emails and calls and they take care of our service requests promptly. I feel lucky to live in a home managed by Nomadic.

Ileana S.

Washington, DC

Joe and Ben are the A-team of property management. They were recommended to me by a family member and I don’t get tired of passing along their name to anyone in need of renting an apartment. They are accommodating, fair price, really serious and efficient. They take care of EVERYTHING and will help you with any issue related to your rental unit. If you were thinking of renting a property, call them.

Jessica Abel

Philadelphia, PA

My job relocated me from DC to Philadelphia leaving me a short window of two weeks to move. In those two weeks I was able to set my condo up for rent with Nomadic Real Estate. They priced the condo effectively and tenants moved into the condo in under 2 months! A 2 year lease was signed. Joe and Ben took care of everything over the past two years leaving me with nothing but a nice passive income!

Susan M, Ph.D.

Washington, DC

Nomadic Real Estate has been responsive and supportive in its handling of any issues that have come up during my rental!

Asef Khwaja

Silver Spring, MD

We have worked with Nomadic Real Estate over the past 2 years as they have managed our rental property. We live in another state and needed someone to look after our condominium. They have been fantastic and have taken care of everything including (but not limited to): Finding appropriate tenants including credit checks, keeping up with our condominium association changes/yearly renewals, and dealing with emergencies at the property. If given the opportunity to do it all over again, I would definitely use Nomadic Real Estate and I gladly recommend them.

Scott Perrelli

Alexandria, VA

Nomadic always contact us by email immediately with any issues- or items that they may see coming before they turn into issues – It is this type of proactive personal approach that makes Nomadic so great. They have also answered their mobile phones as late as 10:45pm EST (even on a Sunday) – they are very professional, and they take great care of our property.

Ryan S.

Washington, DC

I have worked extensively with the Nomadic Team, and they do a great job in a difficult business.  I have found them diligent in every regard, from ensuring that the best tenants get the apartment to ensuring that repairs are handled promptly and professionally.  I would unconditionally recommend them to tenants and property owners.

Scott Zednik

Boston, MA

Having transitioned from another management company, I have been blown away by their levels of communication, responsiveness and professionalism.  Hands down, the best in the industry

Will Cobb

US Embassy Managua

I continue to be impressed with their attentiveness to our specific needs, their detailed knowledge of our properties, their  maintenance plans for each property, their ability to incrementally raise the rent while keeping the tenants happy, etc. Need I say, there is no one else that I would recommend.