The Nomadic leasing team is here and dedicated 7 days a week to secure quality tenants and get your home move in ready for the duration of the leasing period. Our specialists market your home across a multitude of digital channels, manage showings, execute credit and background checks, and manage all necessary paperwork. Once a lease has been signed, we inspect your home and oversee all approved repairs and touch-ups. Our leasing services come at a one time locator fee, the cost of repairs are not included. See below for full descriptions of what our DC leasing company can do for you and your home.

Market Analysis

We conduct a thorough market analysis of our clients’ home to ensure they are getting the most return on investment. We use private, public and internal databases to develop a sample size of comparable product that has rented within a specific radius of your home over the last 365 days.

Powerful Tenant Marketing +
Screening & Showing Management

Our in house photographer takes professional grade photos, showcasing the best qualities of your home. From there, we create compelling ads and distributes them across a multitude of digital channels for maximum visibility. We manage showings, perform credit and background checks to secure the highest quality of tenant available.

Leasing and Paperwork

We work closely with our clients to draft and execute all leasing documents. We conclude the onboarding process with a complete administrative audit of your file, including the upload of all of your insurance and warranty information, service agreements, rules, utility structure, and lead paint forms. We also get to know the charming quirks of your home.

Getting Your Home In Tip Top
Shape Before Move In

After lease execution, we complete an inspection of your home and present an itemized list with all required work to make the home move-in ready. We schedule and oversee all approved repairs and touchups, guaranteeing the highest quality of work for the most effective price.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the locator fee calculated?

For any length of lease we use the following formula: (length of lease in days/365) X first month's rent = locator fee. For example: a 12 month lease will yield the cost of 1 month's rent. 

How do you vet your tenants to make sure they are qualified?

All occupants 18 years or older must submit an application which checks income, credit, criminal history, and rental history. We present all application details to you so you can make the most educated decision on the highest quality of tenant.

Do I need to provide photos for the ads?

Not at all! We have an in house photographer that will capture your home to showcase its best features.

How quickly will the ads for my property go up?

Once we have a signed agreement, we aim to have a 24-48 hour turnaround to getting ads in place across a multitude of digital channels. 

How do you get your properties leased so quickly?

We leverage the best technology and a highly skilled team of Leasing Professionals to secure high quality tenants faster than the competition. Our specialized structure allows us to offer over 250 hours of showings every week, utilizing our team of agents 7 days/week, so an opportunity is never missed to show a prospect your home.

Get In Touch

If this is your first time leasing your property or you’ve had a bad experience with other property managers, get in touch to schedule an initial consultation with us today. We will walk you through a personalized market analysis of your home and give you our professional recommendations of services needed. As always, our initial consults are always free, and in person. Reach out and get started today!