We offer full property management services in DC, Northern Virginia, and parts of Maryland. We employ five teams of specialists to take care of you, your home's, and your tenants' needs at every step of the way. Our teams work together seamlessly to protect and preserve your investment, providing the peace of mind you seek in a property management company. See below for a full description of our property management services and frequently asked questions or click below to get started.

  • Welcome and Paperwork

    Our Client Integration Team takes care of:

    • Welcoming you to the Nomadic Community
    • Photographing your property for top notch ads
    • Uploading all warranties and aligning details, insurance,  service agreements, rules, utility structure, and lead paint forms
    • Getting to know of all the charming quirks of your home
  • Leasing & Tenant Marketing, Showing, Screening

    Our Real Estate and Leasing Team takes care of:

    • Marketing your property across multiple channels and scheduling tenant showings
    • Managing background and credit checks to secure the perfect tenant 
    • Drafting and executing all leases
  • Getting Your House in Tip Top Shape for Move-In and Beyond

    Our Turnover Team takes care of:

    • Move in inspections with detailed photos
    • Semi annual property spot checks
    • Overseeing and coordinating any pre-approved repairs
    • Personalized move ins to welcome tenants and provide education about the home 
  • Year Round Reliable Washington DC Property Management

    Our Property Management team takes care of:

    • Maintaining a positive day to day relationship with tenants 
    • Managing all 24/7 emergency issues
    • Managing all non emergency work orders and preventative maintenance 
    • Handles all lease renewals 
    • Utilizes network of reliable vendors who have a 12 year relationship with Nomadic 
    • Residential property management that serves Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia
  • Quick Rent Collection and Deposit

    Our accounting team takes care of:

    • Ensuring a quick rent debit and deposit turnaround 
    • Handles security deposit management 
    • Providing our clients with 24/7 access to online portal with detailed financial transactions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your property management fees? Are repairs included in the monthly fee? Do you charge a fee if my house is unoccupied?

Our service fee includes a monthly charge of 8% of rent taken and a one time tenant locator fee, unless tenants are already provided. The cost of home repairs are not included in the monthly property management fee. If your property stands vacant, we do not charge a fee.

When will rent be deposited into my account?

The rent is automatically deducted from tenants' accounts the first of every month, and clients receive rent credit to their bank account on the third business day. The auto debit and credit system streamlines this process for complete peace of mind. 

Will I be able to use my own contractors to work on my home?

We highly recommend using our network of vendors and contractors, however, we can continue to use any preferred service provider you may have. We have over a decade's relationship with top vendors across D.C. that provide the highest level of work for the most cost-effective rates.

Will I receive statements so that I can do my taxes easily?

We provide monthly and year end statements to all of our clients on our easy to use client portal. Our DC property management company accounting staff is always available to prepare any additional documents upon request. 

Do I need to update my insurance policy?

If this is your first time leasing your home, we strongly recommend you contact your insurance provider to ensure there is not any additional coverage you may need when your home is no longer your primary residence. 

Do I need to put money aside in an escrow account for repairs?

We never require an escrow from our clients. For any pre-approved repairs to your home, we pay for the costs up front. We then invoice these costs and debit them from rent collected at a later date. This way, our homeowners never have to go out of pocket, they simply need to approve the repairs. Our auto debit system will take care of the rest. 

Get In Touch

If this is your first time leasing your property or you’ve had a bad experience with other property managers, get in touch to schedule an initial consultation with us today. We will walk you through a personalized market analysis of your home and give you our professional recommendations of services needed. As always, our initial consults are always free, and in person. Reach out and get started today!