A final eviction notice is sometimes necessary when dealing with professional renters.

The Problem with Professional Tenants and What You Can Do About Them

By Devin Henry | November 2, 2022

Purchasing an investment property is a major decision because it could set you up for retirement. This property could also become an additional preretirement income source that helps you reach your financial goals. […]

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some modern apartments in Rockville, Maryland

Keen Investing: A Look at Apartments in Rockville, Maryland

By Devin Henry | October 26, 2022

Your future could involve purchasing one of the apartments in Rockville, Maryland, currently on the market. This investment can put you on the right track toward setting yourself up for retirement or building […]

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Row of yellow, white, red, and blue townhouses with brick patio gardens in summer that depict possible rental properties.

Would Owning a Rental Home Be a Good Fit? The Self-Check List

By Devin Henry | October 19, 2022

Key takeaways: Why you should own a rental home in Washington, D.C. Six things to consider before purchasing a rental property Challenges you are likely to face while owning a rental home A […]

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a picture of money and an arrow pointing up depicting the effects of inflation

Is Real Estate a Good Investment during Inflation?

By Devin Henry | October 12, 2022

Key Takeaways: Inflation is making life more expensive Investing your money could help you avoid long-term detrimental effects You’ll want to select your investments carefully Real estate remains a solid investment Inflation is […]

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Black mold buildup in the corner of an old house

3 Mold Issues That Can Disturb Your Residential Property Revenue

By Devin Henry | October 5, 2022

This article explores mold growth and how it can affect your property revenue. Things discussed here include the following: How to prevent mold in your residential property Three ways mold can affect the […]

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A prosperous and contented couple welcomes their financial counselor into their home. They are sitting in the living room discussing property management fees.

The Anatomy of Property Management Service Fees and What To Expect

By Devin Henry | September 28, 2022

Various fees come with hiring a property manager. These fees include: Fixed management fees Maintenance fees Initial setup fees Leasing vacant property fees Overseeing vacant property fees One way to make money is […]

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Some onions for sale at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market

Everything You Should Know About the Dupont Circle Farmers Market

By Devin Henry | September 21, 2022

Key Takeaways Dupont Circle is one of Washington, DC’s most desirable neighborhoods The community’s farmers market is renowned You’ll find over 50 vendors during peak season Renting a home in Dupont Circle is […]

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A photo of the Dupont Circle Fountain in the afternoon as people enjoy reading and relaxing around it.

Keen Investing: Apartments in Dupont Circle

By Devin Henry | September 14, 2022

Key Takeaways  Investing in Dupont Circle comes with many benefits, including the following: A welcoming community for people of diverse sexuality and gender identities International flair  An active art scene  Access to the […]

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an HOA contract containing HOA rules to learn and understand

Understanding HOA Rules in the City and State Law Hierarchy

By Devin Henry | September 7, 2022

Key Takeaways Homeowner association bylaws and rules sometimes contradict city and state laws Determining which laws take precedence is essential A hierarchy of laws exists that is worth learning State laws generally take […]

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Rental Property and Taxes

6 Things you Need to Know: Rental Property and Taxes in Washington DC

By Devin Henry | August 29, 2022

Rental properties can be a fantastic source of passive income, but eventually, it may come time to sell your property. The listing and sale process is likely familiar to you, but how will […]

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Questions to Ask a Property Manager

8 Questions to Ask a Property Manager During an Interview

By Devin Henry | July 26, 2022

These days, there are around three hundred thousand property managers in the USA. With so many available, hiring a property manager becomes a process that demands you ask the right questions and assess […]

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How to File a Complaint Against a Property Management Company

Filing Complaints: A Property Management Go-To Guide

By Devin Henry | July 13, 2022

Over 80% of property managers think they communicate well with their renters, but fewer than 40% of residents agree. This shows that, if you have complaints about what a property manager is doing, you are […]

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Putting Your House up for Rent

Putting Your House up for Rent in DC: A Step by Step Guide

By Devin Henry | July 5, 2022

Renters make up 58 percent of households in the District of Columbia, in part due to the large population of college students and political aides. If you own property in the area and […]

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Landover, MD

Landover, MD: What’s the Cost of living Outside DC in 2022?

By Devin Henry | May 12, 2022

If a move to the Washington, DC, area is in your future, you’ll find just about everything about living there to be more expensive than in other parts of the country. The cost […]

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Prince George's County, MD

All about Prince George’s County, MD Schools

By Devin Henry | April 22, 2022

When it comes to relocating, families with children have to consider several factors before making a final decision. While safety, cost of living, and employment opportunities are important, choosing a quality school system […]

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homes for sale in prince george's county md

Bordering DC: Where to Buy Homes in Prince George’s County MD

By Devin Henry | April 14, 2022

Life in Maryland is about more than just baseball and blue crabs. It’s also home to the Chesapeake Bay, our Nation’s Capital, and endless possibilities. Prince Geroge’s County, MD is quickly becoming one […]

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Fairfax County community center

A Complete List of Fairfax County Community Centers

By Devin Henry | March 29, 2022

You don’t have to look far to find a great Fairfax County community center. We list the best ones right here in this guide.

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fairfax county first time home buyer

All About Fairfax County’s First-Time Home Buyer Program

By Devin Henry | March 26, 2022

If you’re a first time home buyer with low to moderate income, you’ll want to know all about the Fairfax County Home Buyer’s programs.

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breweries in Northern VA

The Best Breweries in Northern VA: Make Some Tasting Room

By Devin Henry | March 22, 2022

What are the best breweries in Northern VA, and which beers are the most popular? Read this guide to learn about distilleries, brew tours, and tastes.

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Market Trends: Montgomery County Home Sales in 2022 1

Market Trends: Montgomery County Home Sales in 2022

By Devin Henry | February 26, 2022

If you’re moving to the D.C. area soon, you might want to start your house hunting in Montgomery County. This county is one of the wealthiest in the country and offers great access […]

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The Montgomery County First-Time Homebuyer Program 2

The Montgomery County First-Time Homebuyer Program

By Devin Henry | February 23, 2022

You’ve saved, you’ve planned, you’ve dreamed, and now you’re finally ready – it’s time to buy your own home! Buying your first home is incredibly exciting, but the process can also be daunting […]

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Exploring the Round House Theatre National Capital New Play Festival 3

Exploring the Round House Theatre National Capital New Play Festival

By Devin Henry | February 19, 2022

Washington D.C. is a diverse landmark full of historical significance and endless possibilities. Home to nearly 700,000 residents, there are plenty of things to see and do in and around DC. Whether you’re […]

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DC Open Doors: Everything You Need To Know 4

DC Open Doors: Everything You Need To Know

By Devin Henry | February 12, 2022

Living in historic Washington, DC is an unparalleled experience. The heart of our nation’s government delivers an exciting mix of culture, history, and nature. With so much to offer, homes in the city […]

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Washington DC Neighborhood Map: Where to Buy In 2022 5

Washington DC Neighborhood Map: Where to Buy In 2022

By Devin Henry | February 5, 2022

Washington DC is an area within the US that is rife with history and culture. Neighborhoods in Washington DC vary from up-and-coming to popular and expensive. Although it might seem overwhelming, it’s not as […]

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Washington, DC Housing Market: What to Know in 2022 6

Washington, DC Housing Market: What to Know in 2022

By Devin Henry | January 29, 2022

Washington, D.C., is one of our nation’s fastest-growing and most thriving areas. Not only is it the home of our nation’s capital, but it has some of the most exciting facilities in the […]

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buying a condo

What To Know About Buying a Condo in Washington, DC

By Devin Henry | January 22, 2022

Thanks to the pandemic, the DC real estate market is experiencing a major boom. And for the right buyer, it may just be the perfect time to jump into the market. Of course, there’s […]

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property management

How to Get Into Property Management

By Devin Henry | December 17, 2021

It’s no secret that real estate is one of the most effective ways to cultivate your net worth. In fact, there are few methods that are able to provide the same returns. More specifically, […]

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how to be a real estate agent

A Total Guide to Becoming a Real Estate Agent in Washington, DC

By Devin Henry | December 10, 2021

Under the right circumstances, becoming a real estate agent in Washington DC can be a highly lucrative endeavor. After you build enough of a presence in the local industry, you will be able […]

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Best DC Suburbs

The 7 Best DC Suburbs to Own Rental Property

By Devin Henry | December 3, 2021

It is no secret that real estate markets across the entire country are hotter than ever before in recent years. This means that those who are looking to get involved in real estate should do […]

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first time home buyer

In The Know: DC’s First Time Home Buyer Program

By Devin Henry | November 30, 2021

Buying your first house should be an exciting milestone in your life. As the capital of the nation, buying in Washington, DC means locating yourself right in the heart of things. In a […]

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sublet vs sublease

5 Sublet Vs. Sublease Differences You Should Know

By Devin Henry | November 22, 2021

Sublet Vs. Sublease: What’s the Difference? The terms sublet and sublease are often used synonymously, but they have very different meanings. The gist is that a sublet occurs when you find a new […]

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Dentist Operatory

How to Design a Dentist Operatory for Your Practice

By Devin Henry | November 10, 2021

7 Tips for Designing a Dentist Operatory A dentist operatory is perhaps the most critical area inside the office. This room is where staff treat patients, making it vital to the overall functionality […]

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modern medical clinic

7 Features Every Modern Medical Clinic Should Include

By Devin Henry | November 2, 2021

 Your Guide to Modern Medical Clinic Design Having a modern medical clinic is a great way to attract new patients and make your existing patients comfortable. Creating the look you desire will take […]

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modified gross lease

Modified Gross Lease: An Explainer

By Devin Henry | October 24, 2021

Your Guide to Understanding a Modified Gross Lease Any lease you sign as you move your business into a new commercial property will be full of terms and conditions you’ll have to remember. […]

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exercise equipment inside one of the best gyms in McLean, VA

10 of the Best Gyms in McLean, VA

By Devin Henry | October 16, 2021

Relocating to the Metro D.C. area is a significant adjustment because it’s a dense area that can be challenging for those who don’t know the region. You’ll find yourself searching for new service […]

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close-up of a commercial lease agreement with a pen, calculator, and glasses on the table

A Complete Guide to Your Commercial Lease Agreement

By Devin Henry | October 7, 2021

Your Commercial Lease Agreement: A Tenant’s Guide Businesses face enough uncertainty in today’s world, so savvy operators eliminate it whenever possible. Signing a lease agreement is one way to do that when renting […]

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Brunch table with waffles, berries, sparkling mimosas, and other dishes you might find at brunch in McLean, VA

Our Guide to The Best Spots for Brunch in McLean, VA

By Devin Henry | October 6, 2021

McLean is a cultural hub of Virginia, but it’s also a key nerve center of Mid-Atlantic transportation. The constant traffic means many new faces passing through, and McLean aims to provide something delicious […]

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