How to Immediately React to a Flood Inside Your Home

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With Fall coming into full swing, we can welcome in cooler temps, along with tons of rain. While the change in temperature is a sweet relief, the accompanying down pours can lead to destructive indoor flooding. If you live in a Nomadic managed property, indoor flooding is considered an emergency and will be attended to immediately. However, residents should take immediate action to mitigate internal damage or molding from the flood. Let’s take a look at supplies needed and steps to take to immediately react to a flood inside your home.

What You’ll Need: Wet Vacs & Air Movers

The wet/dry vac with the proper accompanying accessories is the most important tool in working with an indoor flood. We recommend a vac with more than 12 gallons of holding capacity. We also recommend getting a vacuum with a high amount of lift (sucking power). For flat, non carpeted floors, the wet nozzle will be required. For wet carpet and pad, we recommend pulling out the squeegee and using the wet nozzle. To dump the water without breaking your back, we recommend getting a pump with the proper adapter and water hose accessories.

Next, an air mover will be needed to dry the flooded area. This is incredibly important to eliminate humidity and prevent mold from forming. Residents can easily rent or purchase both wet/dry vacs from hardware stores like, Annie’s Ace Hardware and Sunbelt Hardware or Home Depot and Walmart.

flood inside a living room

Steps to Take

First, we recommend documenting everything, just in case. Take as many photos as possible of all the flooded areas. Next, we recommend wearing rubber boots and gloves as the water standing in your home may not be sanitary. From there, you can start using the wet/dry vac to suck up all the water. Once all of the water is up, open the windows (if it’s a dry day), turn on the ceiling fans, and use the area fans or air movers to dry wet areas.

If you are already a tenant in a Nomadic managed property and are experiencing a flood, please head to our tenant resource center for the emergency number or to submit a work order form.  Looking for something further? Visit our Client Resource Center to log into your account. Check out our awesome DMV located rentals. For homeowners looking for property management services check us out!

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