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There are plenty of parks in Hyattsville, MD, that provide an opportunity to get out and enjoy the weather or spend some time as a family. Pretty much every neighborhood in the city has at least one grassy area with a playground, so no matter where in the city you reside, there’s a park nearby.

Living in Hyattsville provides access to the types of quaint outdoor areas that might be harder to find in D.C. Some parks in the city could be too busy for residents to feel comfortable enjoying with their children.  This guide will take you through some of the best parks to visit in Hyattsville, no matter what type of facility you’re looking to experience. 

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The 9 Best Parks in Hyattsville, Maryland

Hyattsville is a small city in Prince George’s County only 6.5 miles from downtown Washington, D.C. This location makes D.C. easily commutable, and nearby metro stations in New Carrollton and Fort Totten make it possible to get downtown without a vehicle. You’ll find plenty of great parks in Hyattsville, providing wonderful outings for the entire family after work and on weekends. 

David C. Driskell Community Park

Perhaps the most popular outdoor area in Hyattsville is the Driskell Park Recreation Center. This facility has a little bit of everything, including softball diamonds, soccer fields, tennis and basketball courts, a playground, and an indoor rec center. There’s plenty of on-site parking at this venue at 3911 Hamilton Street, and you’ll find Hamilton Pool at the park as well.

David C. Driskell Community Park in Hyattsville in Maryland

University Hills Duck Pond Park

Another well-known park in Hyattsville is University Hills Duck Pond Park, an ample space with a pond, two playgrounds, and a walking path. There’s also a picnic area at the park, but you’ll need a permit to rent it out. It’s possible to use the park as a launching point for the Northwest Branch Trail, a 21-mile multiuse path that you can take north to Silver Spring or south to Bladensburg.

Hyatt Park

Hyatt Park enjoys a convenient location on Hamilton Street, just a couple of blocks from Driskell Park. It’s a small venue featuring a playground, some green space, and a community garden, and it often holds events during the summer. Hyatt Park is an excellent option for those who live in the surrounding residential neighborhood and is also worth checking out if Driskell Park is overcrowded. 

Hyatt Park in Hyattsville, Md.

Centennial Park

One of the first things you’ll notice about Centennial Park is that it’s tiny, as the facility sits on Baltimore Avenue in downtown Hyattsville and doesn’t take up a whole lot of space. The park doesn’t have a playground or splash pad, but it has murals and a giant bird sculpture that make it worth visiting. It’s also home to one of Hyattsville’s Little Free Libraries, where you can grab a book for free and take it home with you or leave one behind for someone else to enjoy.

Heurich Park

Heurich Park is a large venue with two state-of-the-art playgrounds, including a superhero-themed option and a grassy area where kids can run for hours. It’s located in the northwest part of town on Nicholson Street and has the residential areas of Queens Chapel Manor surrounding it. There’s also a fenced dog park at Heurich Park that’s the perfect place to take your furry friend.

Parks in Hyattsville That Locals Love 1

Melrose Park

Melrose Park sits just south of downtown Hyattsville on Rhode Island Avenue, and although it isn’t the largest facility, it crams a lot of activity into its small space. You can access the Northwest Branch Trail from Melrose Park, for starters, and the venue also has a basketball court and a skate park. There are soccer fields too, with the main drawback being the park’s lack of available parking.

Robert J. King Memorial Park

Robert J. King Memorial Park sits in a residential zone in Hyattsville between Driskell Park and Centennial Park. The facility is tiny and doesn’t have much in the way of off-street parking, but you’ll find a small playground for toddlers and some covered picnic areas to enjoy. You can also bring your dog to this park, but you have to keep it on a leash.

Deitz Park

The north end of Hyattsville is home to Deitz Park, a wooded lot with a unique playground, covered picnic spaces, and trails. There are some grassy spots too, giving your kids plenty of room to run around and blow off some energy. Deitz has no parking lot, so you’ll have to walk there or find on-street parking in the surrounding residential neighborhood.

38th Avenue Neighborhood Park

You’ll come across 38th Avenue Neighborhood Park at the very southern tip of Hyattsville and notice that the Northwest Branch Trail runs right through it. The facility also has a modern playground with some fancy climbing equipment on it, in addition to perhaps the city’s best outdoor gym. There’s also a softball diamond, basketball court and two tennis courts at the park, but keep in mind that the parking area is relatively small for a park with so many facilities.

The parks in Hyattsville are one aspect that makes it such a family-friendly place to live. The community is quiet but has some activity in the Baltimore Avenue area if you’re looking for a night on the town. Hyattsville is close enough to D.C. that you can settle in this wonderful place and have an easy commute. 

38th Avenue Neighborhood Park located in Hyattsville Md.

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