How to Prepare Your Home for Fall and the Coming Colder Season

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The love for fall is strong here at Nomadic headquarters. We are excited about all things pumpkin spice, football, cooler temps, and of course, the changing colors of leaves. However much we love a good latte or a warm wool scarf, it’s important to keep in mind a few fall home maintenance reminders. Let’s take a look at how we can start to prepare for the coming colder months in Washington DC.

Keep Your Head in The Gutter

We would venture to say the best part about fall is the beautiful colors of the changing leaves. Unfortunately, this means the leaves are about to drop dead…into your gutter and yard. Along with investing in a good rake, you are also going to need to keep those gutters free and clear of debris. Want to be lazy and skip it? Think twice. Gutters carry hundreds of gallons of rain water into the drain where it properly belongs. Rain that would, if not transported to a drain, gather around the foundation of your home, eventually causing it wear over time and potentially crack. Trust us, you do not want to deal with a cracked foundation!

Check Your Heating System

Fall is a great time to check your heating system! It’s not so cold yet that if a major overhaul needs to happen, you can do so and still comfortably occupy your home. While you are at it, make sure that your HVAC filter is fresh and ready to go.

Get Your Chim Chimney Inspected

Although we highly doubt your chimney inspection will come with song and dance, we recommend doing it anyway. You want to be sure that there are no nests of any kind blocking the flue and that there are no cracks in the structure that would potentially allow smoke to enter the home. If you are a current Nomadic tenant and looking to have your chimney inspected, please let us know!

Prepare Your Winter Toolbox

We know it’s only fall and you’ve just broken out the rake and leaf blower, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to go one step further to get your toolbox together for winter. That means making room in the tool shed for the ice scraper, ice salts, snow shovel and snow blower.

Flip Your Ceiling Fan

One way to really save on heating this fall and winter season, is to reverse the direction of your ceiling fan. By putting your ceiling fan in reverse, the fan pulls cool air up, and pushes warm air down the walls and back to the floor.

All of your fall and winter preparation materials can be found in any hardware store around Washington DC, like Home Depot or Ace Hardware. If you are looking to have your chimney inspected, please let us know, or see the Rooftop Chimney Sweeps or The Capitol Chimney Services. 

Looking for something? Visit our Tenant Resource Center to submit a work order. Visit our Client Resource Center to log into your account. Check out our awesome DMV located rentals. Get in touch for our property management services.

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