5 Things To Do Instead Of Managing Your Own Property

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If you’ve ever managed your own rental property, you aware of how time consuming it can be. Whether it’s finding and screening tenants, scheduling showings, price shopping maintenance crews or replacing garbage disposals yourself, each task can take hours. If not, days. Throw in a daily 9-7 workflow (because who really works 9-5) and you’re life is spent on everyone, but yourself.

In a day and age where time is our most valuable commodity, you have to ask yourself: Is managing your own property worth it? Below are things you could be doing with time saved by hiring reliable property managers.


When you have a family, a career and an investment residential property, getting away can be hard. You have to coordinate school and activity schedules, vacation times between spouses, and make sure all heavy duty maintenance issues are settled at your residences. Nothing is worse than thinking you are in for a day at the beach, but end up in a hotel conference room coordinating vendors, maintenance crews, or even sneaking in the occasional work e-mail. Hiring a property manager means getting a stress free tan.

Learn a Language

Living in Washington D.C. means that we have the world at our fingertips. We have access to Mandarin tutors, French teachers, and Spanish immersion courses. If language isn’t your thing, D.C. is full of opportunities to develop a hobby. Check out this clay sculpting class, learn how to sail or explore one of the many amazing museums here in our nation’s capital.

Take a SoulCycle Class 

According to the CDC, only around 21% of adults over 18 meet their recommended daily amount of exercise. The biggest excuse for not fitting in a workout? Lack of time. Maybe being yelled at by perky fitness instructors who seem to effortlessly float on a stationary bike while doing push ups isn’t your sport of choice. Maybe you’ve been wanting to add in a weekly Muay Thai class, or want to get your zen on with yoga. By freeing up even just a few hours in your week, you would be creating a space for yourself to get fit, shed pounds and stay mentally healthy.

Connect with Loved Ones

On average, Americans spend over a third of their lives at work. We would put money on Washingtonians doing more. This usually has a negative effect on marriages, parent/child relationships, friendships, or even pet relationships. Having a few extra hours a week to spare could make the difference in having a healthier home life, or merely being able to connect with those that you love in your community.


According to the CDC, a third of adult Americans are not getting more than 7 hours of sleep per night.  We venture to say that there is a high population of Washingtonians that  skip on the sleep regularly. This lack of sleep does not go unpunished. Higher frequency of sickness, lack of properly functioning mental capacity and decrease in favorable moods are all effects that lack of sleep has on your professional and personal life.

At Nomadic Real Estate we know your time is valuable and want you to have more of it. From finding and screening tenants, to building a trusting relationship with them, to responding to your home’s every maintenance needs, we provide a complete a full property management service. Because what is better than having to spend hours changing a garbage disposal? Literally anything.

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Visit our Tenant Resource Center to submit a work order. Visit our Client Resource Center to log into your account. Check out our awesome DMV located rentals. Get in touch for our property management services.

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