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Hyattsville MD is currently sitting at over 18,000 residents, a number that is growing over time. These people know something you don’t: How great it is to live in the city. It is time for you to get up to speed on the joys of this beautiful region.

This article will detail some of the unique features of Hyattsville MD. By the end of the article, you should have plenty of reasons to move into this picturesque location or even invest in a new property here. So, keep on reading to learn all about it.

Hyattsville MD in the Current Housing Market

If you are choosing to relocate to Hyattsville MD, you should be aware of the state of the present housing market.

Recent statistics show that in 2022, house prices have been increasing. In February, for example, they were up 15% compared to only the previous year. This has been visible as a steady increase over the past five years that shows no signs of slowing down.

At the time of writing, the median sale price of homes is $367k. Although this could change depending on the type of home you intend to buy. 

Local Places

Of course, living in Hyattsville MD means that you are near to many historical locations in the USA. The epitome of this is Washington DC itself, only a couple of miles to the southwest. You can take a day out to visit all the famous sites, grab yourself a coffee, and be back for lunchtime.

The local Busboys and Poets cafe is perfect for grabbing some lunch while also shopping for a quiet read. It is famous as a community gathering place and has turned into a local hub for artists, writers, and others.

Like many other well-kept cities, Hyattsville MD has its own mall. If your idea of a relaxing evening involves either shopping or spending time with your friends browsing the stores, this location is for you.

The Residents

If you are moving to Hyattsville MD, you might want to know whether you will find people who think like you. If you are looking for families, college students, or older adults to spend time with, you should know the region’s demographics.

Of the people living in this city, around 10% of them are over 65 years old, yet 23% are under 18 years old. Thus, while there is a sizeable elderly population, youth recreational activities are widespread.

If you wish to get to know other families, you should know that housing the approximately 20,000 people in the city there are 7,000 homes. This suggests around three people per household, making Hyattsville a strong, family-oriented location.

If you are a veteran, you can also find like-minded people within the city limits. The town boasts a population of over 500 veterans. So, if it is important to you to find those who you can discuss experiences with, the town has plenty of people for that.

Hyattsville MD Attractions

Many attractive places around Hyattsville can appeal to you and those in your family. Even if you are not planning to move to the city yourself, they all present interesting and beautiful options. They can make a property investment appealing to anyone.

Lake Artemesia

This area of Hyattsville is a large area of open space, left to nature. It contains a 38-acre lake for which the region is named, as well as several other natural features.

Among the land’s paths and plants, you can also find a handicap-accessible fishing spot and several aquatic gardens. The location promotes a level of serene relaxation that is exemplified in its calm waters and surrounding gardens.

If you are a walker, the region includes two miles of hiking trails that will guide you to other parks and museums in the area. If you are a twitcher or bird-watcher, the lake also boasts a birding trail for you to follow. The location is very attractive to a wide range of different birds, which you can spot as you enjoy a hike.


Museums and heritage sites dot the landscape in this historic town. Sites exist that detail some of the more interesting locations for history-lovers, allowing you to go on walking tours of the city.

Close to Hyattsville, you can find many museums with a wide range of specializations. 

For example, the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden is a display of contemporary and modern art. It focuses on recent displays, giving it a modern twist.

The building itself is a beautiful piece of architecture. It boasts a large cylinder that sits on four large legs, with a large fountain in the center.

As an alternative, you could check out the International Spy Museum. If you are more of a fan of espionage, you can see where James Bond ends and real spy work begins.

Pyramid Atlantic Art Center

If you are the artistic sort, the local community studios offer space for all kinds of expression. You can rent out the studios for a flat hourly rate and work on your personal projects to your heart’s content.

They have several different sets of equipment for all sorts of crafting. These include:

  • Bookbinding equipment
  • Letterpress devices
  • Papermaking kits
  • A fully-functional print shop
  • Screenprinting stations

The people using these devices are happy to help newcomers, and workshops are available to help teach you how to use the studio’s equipment.

The art center works as an outreach location, too. The studio’s members take an active role in the local community. They work with local businesses, local events, and other institutions in Hyattsville.

How to Start Investing

You should now have a much better idea of the positive impact that living or investing in Hyattsville MD would have on your life. If you still have questions, we are available to respond to any queries you might have.

Our people are ready to talk to you about buying a property in the region. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and contact us today.

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