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We’ve all had those days where nothing seems to go right. The sink faucet breaks, the refrigerator starts leaking and the dishwasher stops working entirely. After cursing the gods, our next instinct is to call our property manager’s emergency hotline to get immediate attention. As understandably frustrating all of this may be, none of these situations are lawfully considered emergencies. Tending to non emergency calls can cause harmful distraction away from the real emergencies at hand. They can be attended to by simply submitting a work order in our tenant resource center. Let’s take a deeper dive into the following housing emergencies and when you should call us at (202) 223-9019.

No Heat With Temperatures Below 40 Degrees

It can be dangerous to live without any heating when it gets below 40 degrees. This is definitely an emergency. If we cannot fix the problem immediately (possible in the case of burst pipes or structural damage) then we address the issue with space heaters or other temporary solutions.

No Electricity

On the occasion that there is a power outage during a storm, we suggest waiting for an hour to see if it comes back on. If there are perfect weather conditions and your power is connected to a non utility provider, please contact us with this emergency immediately. Is your electricity provider is Pepco? Please contact them directly, as this would be out of our jurisdiction. With any sort of medical issue relies of having power, please contact 911 immediately.

No Running Water

In the case that there is construction and a planned water outage in your home, please wait until the water returns. If all conditions are normal and there is no running water in your home, please contact us immediately to attend to this emergency.

No Functional Toilet or Shower

Having a functioning toilet or shower is incredibly imperative to your hygienic function. If either is not working, please contact us immediately.

Water Leak of Significant Volume

Water leaks of a significant volume, or flooding inside your home, is an emergency. Please contact us immediately if this is happening to you. For sink or refrigerator leakages with small pools of water, please submit a work order and try your best to contain the drip until a designated vendor arrives!

Lock Out After Business Hours

If you are locked out of your apartment after business hours, please call us immediately. We can either send our preferred vendor or a vendor of your choice to help gain access to your apartment.

Fire/Theft or any Involvement with the Police/Fire Department

First and foremost, if you are experiencing a fire or theft, call 911 immediately. Call us only to inform us that this emergency has happened so we can ensure everyone on the premise is safe.

We hope this helps to clarify situations that are emergencies situations, or calls for a work order submission. Feel free to reach out and contact us with any further questions you might have!

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